1. [For Gloval, the new year means paperwork. Supply ships have been offloading thousands of tons of ammunition, food, mecha parts...and, on occasion, incredibly ominous, extremely heavy crates covered in radiation hazard signs. Despite protests from the civilians on board, more and more military equipment is being loaded on to the massive ship-and nobody's getting off.

With all that on his plate, Gloval's not going anywhere. He does, however, leave his office door slightly ajar, and have a snifter of brandy with him for the occasion.]

2. [It's New Year's Eve! And, for three very lovely ladies that means...drinking together in a dark corner of a bar. Alone.

Alone together, but still. Completely dateless.]

Another New Year's with just each other, huh...I wonder if it'll be like this come Valentine's day, too...

Well, we're not all dead, there's that to be happy about. And it's not like we're Commander Hayase...

[Shammy seems to smile at that, for some reason.]
Like if having one androgynous non-human around wasn't enough, suddenly without any prior warning (but with much fanfare in the form of flashing lights and other supernatural special effects) a strange person descends from the skies and starts looking around the Unity Group base like he owned it.

"I place my feet on this ground, transient facilities erected above it. So this is the shape humanity's resistance against fate has taken. To think Kagura would take her small form and relocate it to a place where many human frailties, taken together, result in strength..."

Say hello to the most powerful of the Executors, Minogame. If you can discern just what the hell he's talking about that is.
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[News spread quickly in Unity Group. General Mukantagara, the leader of the Gebian attack force that caused so much damage to Sparta, turned out to be Hetepheres' daughter. Nobody knew... Up until the end, when Hetepheres killed her.]

[After the fight, the Gebian general can be found in her office, sitting behind the desk - the room is mostly dark, the light is not even on. Her terminal is, but she's not really looking at it - just staring somewhere with a distant gaze. Until someone enters or contacts her, at least.]

[After the rampantly successful mission to Mars, Misa-who, it should be noted, attempted suicide via ridiculous explosion-can be found on the observation deck of the Macross, staring back at the Red Planet.]

2. [Meanwhile, at a small Chinese restaurant on board the ship, a conversation of utmost importance ensues-]

So. Dinosaurs.

Ugh, don't remind me...how did they get even get wildlife on mars? It's -60 C out there...

I thought they were kinda cute!
[A few days after the vacations, the delegation from the Gebian Ministry of Health arrives. Which means it's time for the event we've been planning for some time! An impromptu sports field has appeared on the edge of Alhambra base, where volunteers (grand majority of them members of Unity Group) can participate in various games and disciplines. Some of them are common, others strange and exotic! And while this goes on, the delegation (as well as various other random onlookers) watches - a group of insectoid Gebian aliens who all look way too similar to an untrained eye. It's even hard to tell which one is the minister! But she has to be here, right? Hetepheres is, at least - the general seems to spend most of the time playing guide for the visitors.]

[This is an open log, but one thread per sports discipline please. No limitations on what disciplines go, as long as they're something that's really played in real life! You can participate in more than one event if you want to.]
Aw...I was looking forward to getting a break...

[Gloval's Harem The Bridge Operators are out looking to have some fun! And unfortunately for them, all the cool places in Macross City are pretty well wrecked by the ship's transformation, even the poor wrecked disco that they're standing in front of. So they're on the prowl, abusing that military privilege to TSEN for fun and profit, and will be found looking for something fun to do near all of the bases.]
1. [General mingle/volunteer]
The battle may be over, but there's a lot of work to be done. Good news! The entire 50,000 person population of South Ataria made it to shelters, and are now being safely extracted. Bad news: The Prometheus and Daedalus, two large UN spacy warships that were in the ocean around South Ataria, have had their entire crews killed by the sudden shift from south pacific oceans to deep space. They were naval ships, not space ships, after all.

So there's a lot of work to be done, some grim, some happy. Happy: rescuing survivors and getting them moved onto the Macross. Grim: Clearing the corpses out of the Prometheus and Daedalus so they can be docked with the Macross and their materiel taken aboard. Happy: rebuilding Macross City inside the Macross. Whatever you end up helping out with, there's a hell of a lot to be done! It'll get easier with time as the citizens of Macross City start to help out, but at first there's an almost insurmountable amount of stuff to be done.

Also, the ship is currently parked on an island, floating in space. That's probably worth noting too.

2. [Talk to the bridge crew; specify if you want, otherwise random.]
Being military people and all, you can probably catch one of the bridge crew at some time and pester them for answers about the Fold Drive and...well, everything that just happened. That said, they're all pretty busy now, so it'll be hard to find them off duty.