[Archibald & Skald]     

[There's a video message coming on screen and its...very odd. At first you see nothing but a pair of fuzzy, twitchy ears.]

...lift me... a bit higher, my friend. Yes... that much, perfect.
[A cat with a pair of goggles pops out to the video, lifted by someone unseen. He stands proudly in front of the camera, and somehow... he speaks!]

Good day Unity Group. My name is Baron Archibald von Whiskers and this is my partner, Skald Skogkattson.
[There's sounds of a struggle offscreen while Archie speaks, sounds like one of the technicians and the other cat.]
'Just hold still, Its only going to take a-'
ABSOLUTELY NOT! One of my bloodline cannot simply be lifted and carried around like a common housecat! I am a WARRIOR!
'Yes well you still can't get onto that chair yourself can you?'

[You have no idea how, but you can FEEL the larger cat's gaze of dissaproval.]
Uhm. We are the pilots of the mecha Smilodon, which is currently residing in your hangar. There might be some explanation needed about the recent attack and theft at the research facilities recently.
The attack was perpetrated by C.L.A.W.;  The Cat's Liberation Army of the World. I'm sad to say that the organization is led by our mentor Socrates. You see he wants to take revenge upon the world for the death of our father, the good scientist who gave us the ability to speak and pilot mechs.
Our father's death was a sad affair, but I believe that my mentor is wrong. I believe that catkind and humans can live together. That's why we decided to stop him. And we need your help. Of course, we will help the cause of Unity Group as well. As you saw from the previous battle, Smilodon will be a great addition to your arsenal, and needless to say, we are great pilots.
[You can see him puffing proudly]
We'll gladly answer any further questions you have.

(Please note that in this Prompt Skald will have difficulty answering due to his refusal to be lifted to the camera - making this primarily an Archie post.)

[Given that they are pilots as well, they were probably going to get rooms right? Then again since they're cats its also equally likely that they were going to get shoved off onto someone else's room. In Skald's case though he merely chose to search for the most comfortable place he believed was suited to a warrior of his stature and deeds.]

 Ah... Truly this is a bed suitable for one such as myself! I shall claim it for my own!

[He kneads his claws into the pillow before settling himself onto it. Problem was... it was Asagi's pillow. Try to convince the cat to sleep somewhere else? (Especially if you're Asagi)]