But not in a manner that you might expect (especially if you saw the end of the show itself).

A day after Mars has been put back in proper orbit, much to the thanks of destroying everything Meganoid, Banjou is back in his manor. And while you may thing he's taking some personal time, he hasn't quite yet. Instead he's setting up for a party, one of thanks.

The entirety of the Unity group, because everyone at one point or another has assisted in the Meganoid threat, has been invited to the Haran Manor for a massive banquet.

"I welcome you all, largely in thanks for assisting me in my battles against teh meganoid threat, which as of yesterday have been utterly eradicated. A toast to you all!"
Lets call it 3am, though time is questionable when you're in space.

Banjou docks at Star Rose with some noticable damage to Daitarn. Probably cosmetic given this is the Invincible Steel Man, but that's not the important part. Not all of his crew is present. Toppo and Reika disembark from the machine, then Banjou, but where's Beauty.

"DAMN! Damn Meganoids!"
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Kaname Chidori, age 16, has been living on her own ever since her father and younger sister moved back to New York sixteen months ago. Part of her figured she'd live alone in her apartment until she got married or something. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she'd be forced to live on a military base.

Say goodbye to sleepovers with Kyoko. This whole moving business was something that she didn't even want to begin to explain to her best friend. She didn't bother to even try and explain it to her father. Instead, she just told him that there were problems with packages being stolen at her apartment complex and provided him with a PO Box to send letters to instead.

It was probably better if he and her young sister, Ayame didn't know what was going on, anyway. If they knew she was in sort of danger, they'd only worry. Her dad would probably move back to the US, and moving to this base was bad enough. She was still trying to come to terms with all of this, herself.

Goodbye, perfectly normal high school life.

Kaname shifts the box in her hands. Most of her things she had shipped off; they should already be in her room. But this box is filled with things that are special to her. Old family photographs -- especially ones of her mom. A few photo albums. Her childhood blanket. The Bonta-kun plush toy she's had ever since she was a baby. The box isn't exactly heavy, perse, but it's certainly large and unwieldy. That's part of the reason why she's having such a rough time carrying it.

Still, she's been walking around this base for ten minutes now, and she's still completely lost. And unfortunately for Kaname, her usual shadow, Sousuke Sagara, wasn't around. Thankfully, though, there's a figure up ahead.

"Hey!" Kaname calls out, as she quickens her pace. "Do you know where the dorms are?"

[[Now you'll meet someone who isn't on base, rather, a supporter, and even a sponsor. However this is coming in over broadcast]]

Good afternoon everyone. I'm Banjou Haran, a member of your group, as well as one of your sponsors. I won't be found in any of the bases today, but I hear that many new supporters and recruits are pouring in, so I thought it appropriate to introduce myself to you all. Perhaps soon we'll all meet in person at my estate.

[[Behind Banjou are four others, though...

His trusted butler, Garrison.

The lovely blonde, Beauty (that's her name, promise)

The skilled INTERPOL agent, Reika.

And the token brat, Toppo.]]

But I'm more than just a sponsor for the group. I'll also be helping you against the Meganoid menace plaguing our planet, as well as many others. Should you ever need the Power of the Sun, then look no further to Daitarn 3!

[[And the feed remains open, seemingly LIVE, so you might have a conversation with him, though one by one his friends disperse.]]