But not in a manner that you might expect (especially if you saw the end of the show itself).

A day after Mars has been put back in proper orbit, much to the thanks of destroying everything Meganoid, Banjou is back in his manor. And while you may thing he's taking some personal time, he hasn't quite yet. Instead he's setting up for a party, one of thanks.

The entirety of the Unity group, because everyone at one point or another has assisted in the Meganoid threat, has been invited to the Haran Manor for a massive banquet.

"I welcome you all, largely in thanks for assisting me in my battles against teh meganoid threat, which as of yesterday have been utterly eradicated. A toast to you all!"
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1. The battle against the Decepticons and the AEP, which doubled as the field test of Bitles, was a full success. Everybody, well done.

With the death of general Onuris, the AEP command has been thrown into disarray, and it will take a longer time until another of their leaders launches an attack. His bigotous pride lad many Gebians to their death, with himself at the end. He got what he deserved.

Three AEP generals remain: Khaldun, Sagira, and Nekhbet. And, of course, high commander Teremun above all of them...

[Hetepheres trails off during that last part. Some people might know why that is.]

2. [The Gebians are celebrating their victory by watching a movie! The ordinary ones are sitting on several sofas and chairs, passing bowls of popcorn (with weird condiments added) around and chirping to each other. Hetepheres herself is sitting on a throne-like chair, almost unmoving. She has her own popcorn bowl.

The movie itself, playing on a large screen, might be very familiar to some people.]

I presume it is not normal for Earthlings to hold a grill party in the middle of a war zone, is it?

1 - At Legion HQ (mostly for the people who were in the mission and NPCs)

[Well, that sure was something. So turns out one of the Sages of Legion is a) some kind of cyborg, b) bloody crazy, and c) behind the outbreaks of machines going crazy AND the whole Mega Men business. Legion HQ was hit pretty hard, and it's going to take a bit before Legion resumes normal operations.

And while the buzz of activity is going on at ground level, Ashe is sitting on a rooftop's edge, in her Model A shape, tossing her gun up and down and looking unusually thoughtful for her.

Though of course, it won't be long until someone interrupts her train of thought, will it?]

2 - Return to Alhambra

[Some time afterwards, Ashe is back in the base, looking more like herself again, grinning. As she comes in and jumps out of the ship that brought her, she pops a comm while walking]

Well, guys, it seems like I'll be staying for a while. Master Thomas and Master Mikhail hired me to investigate this Albert business, and since you guys keep getting called for big disturbances this is the best place to be if Albert pops his head up.

In the meantime, I'll help you guys out - helping people is what the hero of the story does, after all! Let's get along with each other, okay?
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[News spread quickly in Unity Group. General Mukantagara, the leader of the Gebian attack force that caused so much damage to Sparta, turned out to be Hetepheres' daughter. Nobody knew... Up until the end, when Hetepheres killed her.]

[After the fight, the Gebian general can be found in her office, sitting behind the desk - the room is mostly dark, the light is not even on. Her terminal is, but she's not really looking at it - just staring somewhere with a distant gaze. Until someone enters or contacts her, at least.]

Lets call it 3am, though time is questionable when you're in space.

Banjou docks at Star Rose with some noticable damage to Daitarn. Probably cosmetic given this is the Invincible Steel Man, but that's not the important part. Not all of his crew is present. Toppo and Reika disembark from the machine, then Banjou, but where's Beauty.

"DAMN! Damn Meganoids!"
[The last battle had some messed-up things happening, and Asagi was impacted by it, even if he doesn't show it. To distract himself from it, he bought a bonsai tree - tending for those things is supposed to be very calming, after all.

The thing is, he's not entirely sure what to do with it for now, so after putting the tree in his room he's just looking at it like he's engaged in a staring contest. And of course he forgot to lock his door, as usual.]
[1] [After the latest battle, Hetepheres watches as her insectoid underlings are taking care of Scaraber. The core unit wasn't hit too badly, but the Scarab Frame lost its two additional arms and will need them fixed. She's also checking the post-battle report on a tablet.]

That was the first time I have seen Aerogaters use humanoid machines. Curious... And it still leaves as many questions about their nature as before, if not more. Fortunately, thanks to the Knights' help and early evacuation, the number of casualties was minimized, possibly even completely reduced to nothing.

All circumstances considered, that was a good battle.

[2 - announcement]
It is time for me to reaveal the Pro-Earthling Party's plan. Listen well.

Many members of the High Council are still undecided about whether our races should fight, or cooperate. During the Grand Vote, the fate of the whole Gebian species shall be decided. At that time, we must be absolutely certain that the majority of the council members will support the Pro-Earthling Party. And we shall earn their support by showing them the amazing advances of Earth's civilizations!

Our Minister of Health, Acenith, will pay a visit to Earth in around 2 weeks. She is obsessed with sports - not professional ones, but amateur sports, as a way to spread healthy living and spirit of competition and cooperation among the people. To show her that the spirit of sportsmanship is strong within Earthlings, we shall organize games for her to watch. And I ask you to be the participants.

Skills do not matter - it is not about ability, but healthy enthusiasm! The Ministry of Health is influential - show your spirit to Acenith, and many other council members, not just her, will support cooperation! Take your time to prepare, and think what disciplines you would like to perform. I shall not force anyone to participate; but the bigger the games are, the better our chances of success.
[1 - more of a react post than anything]
[Right after the battle with the AEP, the giant dragon and the mysterious crystal creatures, Hetepheres is nowhere to be found. Why? Turning on the TV, pretty much any channel, will provide the answer. She is at a public ESUN conference, impromptu but still crowded as hell, giving a statement - an explanation of matters regarding Gebians, the hostile Anti-Earthling Party and the allied Pro-Earthling Party. The speech is long and covers topics most people in UG know about already, so it's honestly kinda boring if you already heard about it. But the majority of the population didnt; journalists are besieging the Gebian general, asking questions ranging from reasonable to ridiculous. She answers them all stoically, but the more perceptive can notice her patience is starting to grow thin.]

[2 - the actual prompt, default]
[Some time after that Hetepheres returns to Alhambra, via Scaraber - and the mech has its new shiny upgrade, in the form of golden scarab-like armor with wings and four arms. Now it looks even more beetletastic! The general leaves her machine, several Gebian mechanics already swarming in for maintenance.]

...Politics are tiring. They might be a part of my role as ambassador, but I prefer fighting on the physical battlefield. It felt nostalgic to have the proper number of limbs again.

[Video. Who the heck is this guy?]

Oh man guys this is so cool! I got to get on a super robot! I was like "SWOOSH SWOOSH GABLAMMO!" and then he was like "OH SHIT!" "CACRUNCH!" and it was awesome!

[All of that was accompanied with extravagant arm gestures.]

How do I sign up to do this full time?

[Much later, after being thoroughly tested by Dr. Saotome's staff, the following results are posted:]

Musashi Tomoe's low reflexes and coordination make him an ill-fit for piloting Getter Robo. He will be held here for observation until we are sure he is not in danger from Reptiloids, and then released back to civilian life.
One fine day, someone posts a general video message on the Unity Group network.

"Hello! This is Ranger Yancy Beckett, on loan with his brother from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps."

He smiles. "I've been impressed by everyone I've met here, and I'm looking forward to defending the Earth with you all!"

His smile fades. "That being said, there's something that I've been meaning to ask folks, something that's been bugging me for a bit." He fidgets, then blurts out:

"Why are there so many kids here?"
[Ryoma didn't bother to introduce himself for his first few days as a member of UG, because it wasn't like it was his idea to join these guys. Dr. Saotome had insisted on it, just as he insisted on Ryoma piloting Getter Robo in the first place. He was beginning to wonder why he let an old, out of shape guy half his height boss him around, but considering the Doc just lost a son, he'd decided not to get too argumentative about it.

At any rate, he's apparently willing to get chummy now. ...Sort of. He's walking around Sakihama Base, cheerfully(?) accosting everyone he bumps into.]

Hey, you! Looks like we're gonna be on the same side. I'm Ryoma! So now that we're buddies and stuff I need you to fill me in.

Who do you think are the strongest fighters in UG?

[Unless there are regular tournaments, after all, this sort of thing can be a matter of opinion. He doesn't mind compiling an oversized list. It'll just give him an excuse to narrow it down.]
[Asagi's resting at a couch at a common area, purposely far away from all the hustle and bustle of Autobots moving in. Sentient humanoid robots, power armored singing magical girls, a guy who toppled a tower with his own strength... All of this is kinda insane. But also cool, in a way he'd never admit to anyone.]

The world is a much crazier place than I thought...
[In the wake of the defense and successful retreat at Nora, there's a new mobile suit and ship making their residence at the Star Rose.  And also a new pilot for that mobile suit too, who's admittedly a little, well...]


I don't think in all the craziness there was a proper introduction.  And now that it's over, well...

I'm Flit Asuno.  I was the one who designed and oversaw the development of the Gundam AGE-1, and even though I didn't intend on piloting it, that's changed.  Everyone who was out there, thank you for helping save the people of Nora.  I'm not sure where they're going to go now, but I know I'm going to stay here.  Stay with the Unity Group.

Commander Bruzar was right when he said I needed to concern myself with saving many lives.  That's what the Gundam's built for too... and it lived up to that goal!  The UE, the Vagans... anyone else... humanity won't lose to them!

[Once the operation on Nora colony is over, Izuru decides to check on the evacuated civilians. The memory of Commander Bruzar's sacrifice is still fresh in his mind, and he is very conflicted.

And then, when he approaches the evacuees and they actually notice him, something he never experienced before happens. They walk to him wordlessly. Then, tears in eyes, a random person Izuru never met before hugs him in thanks.

This right here are all the lives you've saved, Unity Group.]

Oh wow! I can't believe it!

[A little later, Team Rabbits from the MJP have officially been assigned to Star Rose as part of Unity Group. Want to meet with its proud members, already declared heroes? There's one right here!]

It's like a dream come true. I didn't expect it to happen that fast. It's so amazing, like a secret base of a hero with a hidden identity! What's that over there?

[Izuru is running around like a little kid on sugar. Right now he's the happiest teenager alive. Anything and anyone is bound to attract his attention.

In case you think hiding away in bases other than Star Rose will save you, no such luck. He'll visit the other places as well.]
In Alhambra base, you can see a man in military uniform standing in front of some sort of coffee machine.

"They installed an automatic coffee dispenser..."

He turns toward you and cries out dramatically.

"I'm in despair! The way human easily substituted the art of coffee making for automated, mechanized coffee-making device has left me in despair!"

[[Now you'll meet someone who isn't on base, rather, a supporter, and even a sponsor. However this is coming in over broadcast]]

Good afternoon everyone. I'm Banjou Haran, a member of your group, as well as one of your sponsors. I won't be found in any of the bases today, but I hear that many new supporters and recruits are pouring in, so I thought it appropriate to introduce myself to you all. Perhaps soon we'll all meet in person at my estate.

[[Behind Banjou are four others, though...

His trusted butler, Garrison.

The lovely blonde, Beauty (that's her name, promise)

The skilled INTERPOL agent, Reika.

And the token brat, Toppo.]]

But I'm more than just a sponsor for the group. I'll also be helping you against the Meganoid menace plaguing our planet, as well as many others. Should you ever need the Power of the Sun, then look no further to Daitarn 3!

[[And the feed remains open, seemingly LIVE, so you might have a conversation with him, though one by one his friends disperse.]]