[With the amount of people turning up to help empower the Anti-Lady weapon it was for certain that there'd be civilians who would have had to bring their children with them, or that had to wait a long while before they were brought in. That being the case it seems that a few well meaning Cybertronians had some ideas to keep people entertained as things drew on.]

Cut for massive length )

[And soon a number of other a number of other shows of skill are displayed for the entertainment of all. An insane show of swordfighting skill and a makeshift airshow complete with daring maneuvers through the Sakihama skyline being some of the acts. Admittedly the show had to stop when Hot Rod's attempt at a daredevil stunt off a ramp dented his fender... among other things. But otherwise morale was up and the kids were happy.]

[With that out of the way the Cybertronians were available for conversation.]

[Hot Rod, Ratchet and Drift who are dealing with the aftermath of the stunt.]

[Thundercracker who is trying to watch some TV on a portable screen while Skywarp bothers him]

[Tailgate who is eagerly speaking of the day's events to a large and intimidating figure who looks very much like Unicron's minion Cyclonus.]

[Windblade who is perhaps the first female cybertronian anyone on earth has ever seen]

[The Constructicons... who are for the most part moping.]

[It was some time after the battle. Optimus stands tall before a ruined building upon Cybertron. Not as a victor before the Decepticon Citadel of Darkmount which stands devastated in the wake of Unicron. Not as a returning hero before the ruins of the Senate waiting to resurrect what came before. Where he stood was an old memorial, one that long stood before the war where statues of Cybertronians long past who had helped pave the way for future generations had stood... the basis of Autobot Mausoleums and the Decepticon Hall of Heroes. Despite the ruin that had visited this place there was a timelessness within it as many stood within the shadows of their forbearers. Those who could not be present watched from afar as others transmitted this message far and wide.]

[It was clear that there was still some lingering resentment and friction among the two factions... some were tense. Some believed that this was merely the calm before the storm. That at any moment the unofficial truce that was held when Unicron attacked would finally shatter, damn Galvatron's so called command over the Decepticons.Then Optimus spoke.]

Across the breadth of the Universe many species have defined us by our war. A battle that had stretched across time immemorial to the point where our past became but faint echoes in the solar wind and marred us in the sight of others. Autobot and Decepticon alike we were seen as heralds of destruction, bringing pain unending across worlds. A war that many... that even I myself had been guilty of believing would never end.

A war that had twisted our minds greatly with pain and hate. That made us forget what each of us really are to each other. Not monsters, not oppressors nor soldiers or murderers. That we were once brothers and friends. That we all had lives beyond a struggle that spiraled beyond a desire for change in a world that needed it.

[Across the countless numbers Autobot and Decepticon alike glanced at each other anxiously. It was hard to let go of old habits... yet all the same memories of a life before the war emerged among those who had seen those days. For those who had been birthed during the chaos... making peace and having lives beyond the fighting was a frightening yet beautiful impossibility. A number of emotions could be seen, even among those who would be regarded as faceless... but one stood out the most. Hope.]

Yet today ... so many things that many would regard as impossible have happened. That I stand before all of you speaking now is but a footnote. The Chaos Bringer. The very being that was prophesized as our end has been destroyed! All of you stood strong and faced what could have been the end of our race not as Autobot, not as Decepticon but as a united people!  That in that moment all of you remembered that we are.

And we can become so much more again. For all of us... after what we have experienced for so many years... forgiveness is difficult ... and the road to making amends will be arduous. But after this day, nothing is impossible! I believe in you. All of you!

[The crowd roared as it finally well and truly sunk in... it was over. Some cast off their insignias, finally glad to be rid of them... others proud of their service or wishing to keep them for what they represented to them... be it guilt, pride or the ideals that guided them... it mattered not. For today and all the days after... they could finally and truly live.]

Let this day mark the true end of the Cybertronian Wars and mark a new age of Peace and Happiness! TILL ALL ARE ONE!




[Across Cybertron the words were echoed. And as one chapter ends. Another begins. Cybertron's Golden age has come again.]

[They will rebuild... but today. They are alive. And they can celebrate to that. With a loud whoop Blaster transforms and begins playing a song. As the United Cybertronians celebrate, Optimus regards you. Despite his lack of mouth you know he's smiling.]

I am unsure truly as to how I will ever be able to express my gratitude for the part you have played in all of this. But thank you. Because of your hard work... once again two worlds were saved. And countless others that would have been after had both threats not been stopped.

[As the journey back to Earth was about to be made a number of Cybertronians are also boarding ships. Autobots that want to return to Earth, Decepticons seeking to make amends, forge new lives or prove themselves. As they prepare Optimus and Grimlock speak close by.]

I'm trusting you with this Grimlock. I know that you won't let me down.

"Me Grimlock can handle it Optimus... take care of Cybertron."

I will my friend.

[Optimus and Grimlock share a firm handshake. Soon the Dinobot makes his way over to you.]

"Me Grimlock going back to Earth with Unity Group... Optimus need someone... keep watch. Protect. Optimus made promise. Trust me to keep for him. Others come too."

[As some of the passengers board, one looks over to the conversation and grins, gesturing at you before quickly ducking into the crowd as if trying to avoid someone's sight as Ultra Magnus walks by with a frown.]

"Need make sure... some not make trouble. Keep peace. But will help."

[1] [Autobot City Medical Area] [Music for the Scene]
[Autobot city and Metroplex had taken a beating. There were injuries among the defenders... but foresight by Red Alert and the intervention of the Unity Group many lives were saved. But every battle, every victory comes at a cost. And today... the cost is high indeed. The sky, already stained from the smoke and destruction rumbles as rain begins to fall.]


[Optimus-... Orion Pax lays upon a medical berth within one of the few undamaged areas within the core of Autobot city. His body shattered, both Autobots and human technicians are struggling to keep him alive. Energon feeds and sensors were scattered across his broken form as his air intakes struggled to operate and his vocalizer crackled. Perceptor who had been close by transformed from his enlarged Microscope form, conferring with Ratchet and the other members of the medical team. His expression is grave and his voice tired as he regards those who were present.]

"... I'm sorry. All the damage Optimus took... even if he still had the Matrix... its fatal. He has hours... maybe less at the very most..."

[The medic lowers his head, glancing at his fallen leader. His fallen friend.]

"If... you have anything you want to say to him... this might be the time..."

[From where he lies, Orion Pax struggles to look at you as he raises his hand weakly... trying to beckon you closer.]

[Will you speak to the Autobot Leader in his final moments?]

[2] [A while after Prompt 1]

Exile under the cut. )

[Optimus was still at Sakihama. Currently Autobot City didn't have any pressing matters that he had to take care of himself so he was taking his time to wander the base where he could and get a chance to talk before he had to head back. But as he was moving through the base he'd receive a call.]

"Optimus? You copy?"

I'm reading you Blaster. Is something wrong?

"Well... Nah... not exactly 'wrong'. Its just... well... we got a new arrival. He's coming over to Sakihama to talk."

[The Prime was a little confused by how his comms officer was practically tiptoeing around his words. There's a flare up from the TSEN as a large figure steps forward. Optimus turns to regard the newcomer with surprise in his optics.]

"Prime. Its good to see you again."

Ultra Magnus. Old friend... its been too long.

[The two share a firm handshake. The newcomer. Ultra Magnus. There was something about the way he carried himself that felt somewhat disconcertingly familiar.]

Welcome to Earth.

1) [Optimus]

[After a while Optimus and Magnus part ways, leaving the Autobot leader somewhat free once more to interact with others before his eventual return to Autobot City where he would no doubt be plagued with the many duties of leadership.]

It has been a while since I was last here. Something about the atmosphere has changed hasn't it.

[With all that has happened, it wouldn't be surprising if the base felt a little different.]

2) [Ultra Magnus]

[As for the new Autobot, he simply looks around the base as far as he was allowed. From time to time he would speak to some of the personnel, others he simply regards a matte-black data-pad as if comparing what he has seen to what was on it. Whether it was information on the Unity Group from Autobot City or something else entirely is up in the air. But what can be noticed was that the entire time from when he talked to Optimus and when he was moving around Sakihama was that: 1) He carried himself like a soldier at all times. Always at attention and always alert. and 2) He never smiled. At all.]

[Do you want to risk talking to him?]

3) [Grimlock or Kup]

[Grimlock and Kup could be seen at their old spaces at Sakihama. The former simply maintaining his weapons, the latter sitting on a large cargo container like it was a chair. Either way though something about them felt distinctly agitated. Grimlock seemed to be sharpening the edge on his sword a little too intently while Kup tapped his foot on the ground every so often with a frown on his face.]

[Something was really bothering these two.]

[Its late into December and with so many holidays and New Years the citizens of Autobot City have taken to decorating and stocking up where they can. Across the mix of pre-fab buildings and Cybertronian/Human Architecture it was a regular festival of lights as well as numerous decorations of varying celebrations! Not only that but there was a fine sheet of snow across the place as well. It seems that everyone was in the mood to celebrate!]

1a) [Backdated to Christmas]

[Its the night before Christmas and not a sound was to be heard. Autobot and Human alike lie asleep (or an equivalent to it) eagerly awaiting the coming day. Not simply because it was Christmas, but because Santa Claus would have visited. It seems nobody had the heart to tell the Autobots that Santa didn't exist and as such they were happily ignorant of the fact that jolly ol' saint Nick didn't exist. As you pass through the streets of Autobot City late this night you hear a whisper in the wind and a soft noise from nearby. Slowly leaving an alley as can be was Red Alert.]

(OoC: Apologies for the absurdity that happens next)

[Early on in the day there was quite the scene. Many children crying and screaming! 'Santa Claus could not exist' the grinch like security officer said! Surely there is some other reason for the presents you find after you leave your bed! Not only that, he had argued his case. That all the holiday cheer be better off spaced. For in his mind were all manner of threats and future misdeeds, that others could not help but plead. 'Optimus please tell him it is for the best, or surely our hopes will be put to the test!']

[And so Optimus Prime granted Red Alert reprieve from his duty surely two weeks of rest Red would no longer be moody! Alas it seems that now it was not the case as he leaves the alley with lights so dim, what could he have been up to with an expression so grim? With a curse he spots you and stumbles as a sack slips from his fingers. Numerous presents spill free as he lingers. So close you can see a sight to fill one with surprise. For Red was dressed up as close as he could to jolly old Saint Nick you surmise. For in this guise he he plays the role you see. A job easily taken for the one who knows every lock and key.]

"I was right, there truly is no Saint Nick. But the thoughts of the tears will make me sick. For victory brings me no cheer. It will be far worse for the others I fear. Will you help me on this silent night? To give the people in this city a joyous sight?"

(OoC: Inspired by the shenanigans in Dido's post. Rhyming isn't necessary as it was merely to give this prompt a bit more flavor. Everyone has the option for a more sane thread.)

1b) [Also Backdated to Christmas]
[Aftermath of 1a)]

[Its Christmas Morning! All across Autobot City a great cheer could be heard as presents abound were under every tree for every household. It seemed Santa didn't care whether or not you celebrated Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa, he just wanted to bring you some holiday joy. Even Optimus Prime, so engulfed with warmth  was not exempt, bearing novels of kindness and friendship tied so closely to this time of year. Indeed there was a great happiness among all, for even the likes of Grimlock and Cliffjumper could be found celebrating. All that is... except one.]

[Red Alert stands with you watching all this, arms folded with a irritated look on his face before he turns aside.]

You're all welcome...

[He mutters softly, for the thanks that will never come.]

2) [New Years] [Mingle/Other thing]

[A truly absurd amount of cheering can be heard. Stalls and booths everywhere, fireworks being prepped with a few let off from time to time to keep the mood going.]

[Aside from having a few drinks, enjoying the food or even spending some time at any of the games set up for people to have some fun before the count down there's also a talent competition being held at the stage hosted by Blaster and his cassette-bot partners. The Autobot City Super Talent Search was judged by a panel of three human judges, Blaster, and surprisingly enough the City itself. Metroplex wanted to be able to help somehow and now the citybot had a chance since the poor thing was too big to help decorate.]

[So how do you plan to spend New Years over here?]

(OoC: Feel free to tag with multiple characters. The whole purpose of this is to have as much fun as we can.)

[Despite the brutal fight Autobot City still stood. Already there were already salvage and repair teams working at the various buildings and machines across the outer areas where the fighting was the fiercest. The major turning point of the battle, Autobot City itself - Metroplex was back in city form and along with various teams, both human and cybertronian managed and directed aid to where it was needed. The two combiners Superion and Defensor were already back in their component teams and doing their part to assist... more or less. There were a few more aggressive members in each team that preferred to just keep to patrolling rather than assisting with the various aid efforts. Understandable in a way though.]

[But either way, the success that Metroplex and the Combiner teams was only achieved through the time bought for them to prepare by both Optimus Prime as well as the Unity Group. And there was much owed to the heroes of the hour.]

I truly owe everyone a debt of gratitude that can never truly be repaid. The lives that were saved, those today and those yet to come... because of your actions they have built a future and proven that how much can be accomplished through unity. I want you all to know that no matter what happens, you will always be welcome at Autobot City.


[For those of you who want to talk to Metroplex, you would find yourself led to where a large mechanical sphere with numerous spire-like protrusions, lights and holographic projections across its surface seemed to be plugged into various parts of the floor and ceiling. You would soon find out that this massive thing is the citybot's brain module.]

Hello friend.

[Accompanying the voice were the words themselves, swirling around from the various holographic images flitting back and forth across the supercomputer that made up Metroplex's mind. Appearing in Cybertronian at first but soon flickered and reconfigured into english within moments.]

Massive Thing Under Here )

[Mingle/Speak to one of the Autobots?]

[1] [Mingle Post]

[Construction of the city was going pretty well from what you can see. Residential areas for refugees of both species had already been constructed for the most part with work crews continuing to construct everything else that was required. Already a few small businesses crafted by both human and cybertronian have sprung up along the slowly growing buildings. Though there was some friction and discomfort, both races got along well for the most part. Off in the distance you can see shuttles landing ever so often, either carrying ESUN work crews, supplies and observers or a few more Autobots in varying condition.]

[But one has to ask, what are you doing in this slowly growing settlement?]

[2] [Security Woes] [Red Alert]


[Anyone passing by the 'office' of the Autobots Chief of Security in the hangars of Sakihama would find him continuously dropping his head into his large, makeshift desk and making everything that was on it rattle precariously. Between the numerous betrayals (Ingram being the foremost important one given his rank), lack of care for proper security protocol (Sarah and Ken) and the horrific security nightmare that was sorting out the influx of human refugees as well as the ESUN members coming in and out of Autobot City it was easy to say that he was not having a good day at all.]


[Red lets out a noise that sounded halfway between a scream, a sob, a wheeze and a large amount of mechanical static as he just lays his head on his desk. This. This is the sight of an Autobot that has just had way too much to deal with.]

[3] [Education] [The Young Spark]

[For those of you remember how that excursion into an underground cave network beneath Autobot City went and are interested to know the current status of the spark that was found, you would find it in what would be the Cybertronian equivalent of a creche. Already fitted into a containment unit to allow it continued existence until its body could be built as well as a brain module it would be educated and slowly learn how to operate the systems of a body through a set of sensors and rudimentary limbs, though sadly it has yet to be able to speak. Still though somewhat slow and careful it is extremely eager to learn, and when its sensors catch sight of you it pulses excitedly as if happy to see you.]

[How are you helping in the development of the new life and enriching its existence?]

[4] [Interview with an Earthling] [Rewind]

[As you go through your daily routine, you'll notice an Autobot - one of Blaster's cassette robots in fact waving at you. Letting out a momentary stutter of Cybertronian, he pauses for a moment before looking at you sheepishly despite the lack of visible facial expression.]

Sorry about that, was just so used to talking to other Cybertronians so much I keep forgetting to switch languages.

I'm Rewind, and I'm hoping that if you don't mind... you could let me interview you for a while for a video file I'm putting together for any Autobots coming to Earth.


[A video broadcast pops up around the base. To everyone's great surprise its Optimus Prime.]

Everyone, I know that the past few days have been difficult for a great many of us. However we should not be discouraged by whatever adversity awaits. As such I am organizing a team building exercise in the hangars at Sakihama Base.

[Optimus' head inclines forward slightly in a polite nod.]

I would like to make it clear however that though this exercise is aimed to better allow us to trust one another attendance is not mandatory.

Thank you for your time.


[As everyone gathers in the Hangars of Sakihama, the 'team building exercise' is revealed... its more or less a large makeshift theater area with enough room for many people. What is on show you ask? Well what it is may surprise you. Soap Operas. Not Cybertronian ones. EARTH MADE Soap Operas. Now this may seem silly, but the reasoning used behind this was, to bond with your comrades by trusting them to see you when your emotions are unguarded. Of course that could just be utter bull.]

[Optimus and Grimlock watch stoically, though there were the odd, occasional noises that imply that if they were human - they would be crying silent, manly tears. Bumblebee, Ironhide and Wheeljack were a little more open on their end with their inelegant blubbering, while Ratchet (still having a slight limp) and Red Alert seemed to be somewhere between those two extremes - and sometimes alternated between them depending on how immersed they are in the scenes. Blaster and his cassettes were handling the viewing equipment and were enjoying the show for everything it was worth. But what of Kup and Cliffjumper?]

"Oh for the love of Primus, why can't you just tell her how you feel Wolfe?! You know she won't get it unless you tell her face to face!"

"Can it Kup, some of us are watch-SHE'S IN LOVE WITH HER OWN BROTHER?! WHAT?!?!"

1) [Optimus]

[The Leader of the Autobots had recently returned, and not for the better. The contents of his trailer were testament to that. Ratchet was in critical condition - several sections of his body literally blown out by shots from Starscream. And it wasn't just that...]

I apologize for not preparing any of you for the appearance of the Constructicons or the Triple Changers. While it was fortunate that we were able to stop them before they could go on a rampage... the threat may be even greater if Megatron has had the other combiner groups arrive on Earth.

[Wait. OTHER groups?! There was more than just those guys?!]

There is... a lot you may need to ask me after this battle. And I am willing to answer as much as I can to ensure we are prepared for our next battle.

2) [Ratchet & Wheeljack]

[For those of you who want to visit the downed Autobot... well... its a mess. A lot of his body was actually opened up, revealing the intricate workings of the machinery within... and there was a lot busted. Damaged plating and wrecked parts were scattered across the ground and there were a LOT of cables snaking into the wounds and other areas. As he happened to BE this team's medic, one of the other Autobots from another group had came by temporarily to assist the technician teams to stabilize Ratchet and handle the more difficult and tremendously finicky of procedures so he could be left in their care. A low and rasping crackle echoed through the air as the distinct mechanical keening of Cybertronian rang through the hangar.]

Ratchet! Buddy! Take it easy! You're safe... we're getting you fixed up alright? You're good... First Aid was just here, he helped the mechanics get everything sorted out... you remember First Aid right? Hot Spot's crew? The Protectobots?

[This earned more cybertronian and a pointed look at the inventor.]

Yeah yeah, silly me. I forgot you picked him out as your protege. Course you know him...

[Coughing, gears grinding.]

Just so we're clear. If something happens... He gets my job as Chief Medic, and you're sending my hands to Whirl. Got it?

But nothing's going to happen! You're fine, heck maybe aside from getting some off time you'll be good to go again! Besides, you really wouldn't want your replacement to have to spend his time dealing with me right? His processor would crash in weeks!

[Wheeljack laughs anxiously, despite not having a mouth at all - he was worried to all hell and blaming himself a little for Ratchet's injuries, holding onto the Medic's hand.]

Primus no. It'd be DAYS rather than weeks. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even the Decepticons.

[Ratchet laughs a little, it kind of hurts though.]

I'm just glad you got it right. I'd feel embarrassed if something blew up after I took that hit for you.

[The two share a chuckle before they notice you.]

Oh hey, you got visitors! You want me to show myself out or....

[With everything that's been happening and the continuously escalating threats, the Autobots are moving about as best as they could to assist. However while most Autobots are out of Sakihama, a few have moved over to Alhambra for the day... the reason?]

Okay! Energon Pump is installed, and the recalibration for the power feed should be alright...

[Wheeljack has decided to.... experiment. Specifically in the testing of adapting Energon for usage in Earth Based Machines to amplify their combat capability. Admittedly only a small amount was used for the test but it was regarded as enough. A trio of modified mooks (Genoace, Bushnell and a Destroid Tomahawk stand proudly for usage - admittedly with far more cabling across their bodies than they should normally have.]

... Ratchet, is all that really necessary?

Yes. Yes it is Wheeljack. We all know how your experiments go, better safe than sorry - especially since we have humans getting involved.

[Ratchet is standing close by with an emergency team on standby, looking nonplussed. Wheeljack looked rather sheepish despite a lack of visible facial expression.]

You never know though, this might be the next big breakthrough!

[Wheeljack sounded pretty pumped for the test runs.]

I even got Rewind over here to record everything for posterity.

[The Cassette-bot waved at Ratchet and let out a burst of odd, distinctly mechanical noise... was that their language? Either way, Ratchet sighs.]

Lets just get this over with. Pilot, you may go when ready.
[1] [Video] [Speak to Optimus here.]

[Well everyone, after that interesting little event at the power plant, there are now three transforming alien robots at Sakihama base. The leader of them now making an announcement.]

Members of the Unity Group. It is a pleasure to meet all of you, though admittedly I wish that your first encounter with my species could have been under better circumstances. My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. I had mentioned before during the battle that there was a war involved between the Decepticons and ourselves. What I had not mentioned was the scale of it...

[Prime sounded more than a little severe.]

This conflict consumed our entire planet and divided our species in two and had spanned across millennia. A conflict that has spread here when I led a failed attempt to find others willing to assist the Autobots as our numbers... and the energy available across our planet dwindled. It is because of this mistake that I swear that my troops and I will do whatever we can to assist mankind and all its allies in defending itself - not just from the Decepticons, but from all those who seek to cause you harm.

As such, all Autobots present on Earth will make themselves known to ESUN officials and provide assistance whenever possible. A small contingent of which will be arriving to support the Unity Group directly.

I hope that our people can continue to work together. Even after our battles are over.

[2] [New Arrivals] [Speak to the other Autobots here]
Cut for massive size )