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[After the mission in Alaska, Eva can be seen wandering the hallways of the base, clutching her head with one hand. There was her headache earlier, and something went...wrong, with the summoning of the Albatross.]


[She leans up against a wall for support-and glances over her shoulder suddenly.]


[Seeing nothing, Eva goes back to leaning against the wall-then takes her hand off and stares at it. She keeps looking at it for a while, before falling to her knees, closing her eyes and covering her ears.]


[She sits there, shaking like a leaf.]

Garrod has been pacing the hangar back and forth, more or less in front of the GX. He does seem to have something on his mind, and his gestures are as if he's really fretting over something, but what might it be... You'll have to ask.

Sometimes later Garrod is seen with Tiffa, making way with her to the hangar. And within minutes after, the two of them load up into the Gundam and prepare to take off!

He's... coming back, right?

In the wake of the attack by the dimension conquering Indalph, Dido Sybil, previously an unassuming Solaris technician chief, piloted the ShelLancer machine so that Mizuki and Ken could form the combining mecha known as Sol-Savior.

A few days after the attack, Dido is walking through the hanger bay in orange mechanics overalls, carrying a roll of artificial muscle fiber looped around her shoulder.

She stops for a moment, and stares up for a time at the machine she rode in, scorched and dented here and there by the fury of combat.

Goosebumps stand out on her exposed arms. Her throat works, and she clamps a hand desperately over her mouth with a moan.

"Nope." She says. "No Way. No No No No..."

She turns around, on the verge of panic, and starts speed-walking away, breathing rapidly.

Help her calm down?
La Gias is an insane place. I'm not going there again.

Before professor Shirakawa lost his memory... Just what kind of man was he? That woman called him "master"... And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

[Yeah, Asagi totally thinks Shoe is/was a colossal pervert now.]

Shortly after the battle of Manilla, people get this message on the U.G. comm channel:

"Ranger Yancy Beckett here! To all those that helped hold the Miracle Mile at Manila, I just want to say, good work. I'm proud to have fought alongside you. And on that note...

Beckett raises a clenched fist. "We should try forming a social club! You know, to strengthen our bonds and all that!

So what do you think: should we set up a Kaiju-Slayers club, or a Motion-Capture Piloting club?"
[Video. Who the heck is this guy?]

Oh man guys this is so cool! I got to get on a super robot! I was like "SWOOSH SWOOSH GABLAMMO!" and then he was like "OH SHIT!" "CACRUNCH!" and it was awesome!

[All of that was accompanied with extravagant arm gestures.]

How do I sign up to do this full time?

[Much later, after being thoroughly tested by Dr. Saotome's staff, the following results are posted:]

Musashi Tomoe's low reflexes and coordination make him an ill-fit for piloting Getter Robo. He will be held here for observation until we are sure he is not in danger from Reptiloids, and then released back to civilian life.
One fine day, someone posts a general video message on the Unity Group network.

"Hello! This is Ranger Yancy Beckett, on loan with his brother from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps."

He smiles. "I've been impressed by everyone I've met here, and I'm looking forward to defending the Earth with you all!"

His smile fades. "That being said, there's something that I've been meaning to ask folks, something that's been bugging me for a bit." He fidgets, then blurts out:

"Why are there so many kids here?"
[Not so long after the anti-PRAYER action, Asagi's in the Sakihama Base kitchen, picking ingredients and consulting a printed paper he obviously got from a web page (it even has the website's layout and everything). Fresh cabbage. A banana. Cayenne pepper. Milk.

And now he dumps all this stuff into a blender and turns it on! This results in an unappetizing-looking liquid, which is quickly poured into a glass. Asagi engages in a staring contest with it for a moment, and then suddenly chugs it down.]

...It tastes worse than I thought.

[So, yesterday's mission went comparatively well. As such, one might think that after holding off near-singlehandedly a mechanical Cthulhu the size of a building, Kagura might be celebrating. You'd think wrong.

If you want to find her to ask her something, you'll probably find her in a very out of the way office at Alhambra, with a cable connected from her form to a computer, filling out the paperwork and debriefings like a prim and proper officer should. Unity Group may be mostly comprised of lawless mavericks, but some people still hold to regulations. She's still pretty scratched from the mission, but she can get her repairs later. Nothing vital was hit, anyway. Also, if you are very observant, you might notice the names of some of the people in yesterday's mission in the scrolling forms.

If you want to bother her, though, this is probably the best time, insofar as there is any good time to bother the grumpy Major]


[A bit later, you might find her talking on the comm in an empty room. The other side of the comm can't be heard, but deducing the gist of the contents from Kagura's reactions from the moment you're in earshot is not really very hard]

[Pause as the other side talks]
[Short pause]
[Very long pause, probably an explanation]
[Short pause]

[And with that, she cuts the communication channel, before grumbling to herself]

1. [General mingle/volunteer]
The battle may be over, but there's a lot of work to be done. Good news! The entire 50,000 person population of South Ataria made it to shelters, and are now being safely extracted. Bad news: The Prometheus and Daedalus, two large UN spacy warships that were in the ocean around South Ataria, have had their entire crews killed by the sudden shift from south pacific oceans to deep space. They were naval ships, not space ships, after all.

So there's a lot of work to be done, some grim, some happy. Happy: rescuing survivors and getting them moved onto the Macross. Grim: Clearing the corpses out of the Prometheus and Daedalus so they can be docked with the Macross and their materiel taken aboard. Happy: rebuilding Macross City inside the Macross. Whatever you end up helping out with, there's a hell of a lot to be done! It'll get easier with time as the citizens of Macross City start to help out, but at first there's an almost insurmountable amount of stuff to be done.

Also, the ship is currently parked on an island, floating in space. That's probably worth noting too.

2. [Talk to the bridge crew; specify if you want, otherwise random.]
Being military people and all, you can probably catch one of the bridge crew at some time and pester them for answers about the Fold Drive and...well, everything that just happened. That said, they're all pretty busy now, so it'll be hard to find them off duty.
[1] [Video] [Speak to Optimus here.]

[Well everyone, after that interesting little event at the power plant, there are now three transforming alien robots at Sakihama base. The leader of them now making an announcement.]

Members of the Unity Group. It is a pleasure to meet all of you, though admittedly I wish that your first encounter with my species could have been under better circumstances. My name is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. I had mentioned before during the battle that there was a war involved between the Decepticons and ourselves. What I had not mentioned was the scale of it...

[Prime sounded more than a little severe.]

This conflict consumed our entire planet and divided our species in two and had spanned across millennia. A conflict that has spread here when I led a failed attempt to find others willing to assist the Autobots as our numbers... and the energy available across our planet dwindled. It is because of this mistake that I swear that my troops and I will do whatever we can to assist mankind and all its allies in defending itself - not just from the Decepticons, but from all those who seek to cause you harm.

As such, all Autobots present on Earth will make themselves known to ESUN officials and provide assistance whenever possible. A small contingent of which will be arriving to support the Unity Group directly.

I hope that our people can continue to work together. Even after our battles are over.

[2] [New Arrivals] [Speak to the other Autobots here]
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"Now, please ask your questions one at a time."

Following the Nora colony defense, rumors spring up everywhere about the young members of the secret Military Junior Pre-Academy project - or as people star to call them, Majestic Princes! The MJP team joined with the budding Unity Group, and now it's time to address all these rumors: through a press conference!

"I have a question to everyone from MJP." Asks one of the many, many reporters present.
"How did it feel like to participate in the operation?"

Are you going to answer this question, or wait your turn until someone else asks you something else?

Although the conference is about MJP, other people are free to participate as well - especially if they were present on the Nora mission!

Oh, and by the way. This is all streamed on the Internet live. And people post comments. Scary, scary.
[So Shu's not the only new face at Fort Alhambra now.   There's two more machines that came back in addition to the Granzon... and these two also start with the letter G!  They're not as OP though... just a gray Gespenst that somehow's gotten in on the Halloween Plan refits and a red Gesterben that doesn't seem related to the other ones the team fought earlier in the operation.]


Never thought Mission Devil would lead to us working with the Unity Group, but then again stranger things have happened.  This is Second Lieutenant Albhard Bailaran of the ESUN's spec ops group Team Jelba.  My associates here are Second Lieutenant Selena Recital and her assistant robot, Elma.

A pleasure to work with you all, and thanks for showing up when you did.  Bought us a little more time before Shu arrived, time we might've not gotten otherwise.

Right.  We were investigating to confirm whether or not Shu Shirakawa had been killed or not, on account of no trace of the machine being found in the wake of its destruction at the hands of the Steel Dragons.  One way or another, we wound up being summoned to that other world -La Gias-, and it wasn't long before we met with some of your own people and then Shu himself.

According to the professor, he was resurrected by a man named Luozorl, though his memory is full of holes and there are also things he doesn't feel inspired to share.  In spite of that, his assistance in the battle and the cooperation he's given us have been taking into consideration by our superiors, and it's been decided he will remain under observation for the foreseeable future, with Lieutenant Recital and myself serving as his handlers.

Any suspicious behavior observed by Professor Shirakawa should be made known to us... but please refrain from antagonizing him.  I know some of you have prior history with Shu and some of you fought as members of the Steel Dragons, but the circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Albhard, Elma, and Selena can be tagged now or after this broadcast when they're milling around one place or another.)

[Another video intro is coming in. It shows a teenage girl trying to seem cool and professional, with trying being the operating phrase, giving the impression of someone neither used to, nor comfortable with cameras.]

Hi. I'm Kei Kugimiya, a student of the MJP project and member of Team Rabbits. I've been assigned to support the Unity Group and has been assigned to the Star Rose.

[There is a pause as she apparently runs out of things to say, but clearly realizes that she was too brief, creating a rather awkward silence.]

Our team has already taken action in support of the group, during the recent battle of the Nora colony and I hope future operations will be as successful...I'm the pilot of the purple ASHMB and will serve as local mission control in future operations as well. I look forward to working together with you all.

[The camera holds for a bit as she gives a slightly weak smile, before turning it off.]


[Shortly after introductions, Kei can be found moving the shopping areas on the Star Rose and near Sakihama. While her expression is a bit hard to read, it appears that she's looking over the shops for something specific that she hasn't found yet. She already carries a number of shopping bags.]

[1] [It's a video transmission! Which shows a teenage boy, trying not to be tense and awkward and failing miserably. Also it's very obvious he's reading from offscreen.]

Is this on...? Unity Group, I should introduce myself. My name is Toshikazu Asagi. I am a member of Team Rabbits, and the pilot of the experimental AHSMB Blue One. My team was assigned to work with you after the recent operation, and... I hope we'll be able to repel aliens and other enemies as well as we did this day. We saved lots of people together.

...I'm not the team leader, but if you hae questions for any member of the team, you can find us all around easily enough. Let's work well together.

[He sighs in relief. That went better than expected, despite his stage fright! Suddenly Asagi realizes the camera is still going on and grabs the screen, cutting the signal. The transmission is over but he can still be easily reached, either via the comms or in person.]

[2] [Asagi inspects his accomodations at Star Rose. The room is comfortable enough, much more spacious than what he was used to at the academy.]

This looks very good. I think I can get used to living like this! Just...

What are you doing in my room?

[Not restricted to just people he knows. Groups welcome too.]
[In the wake of the defense and successful retreat at Nora, there's a new mobile suit and ship making their residence at the Star Rose.  And also a new pilot for that mobile suit too, who's admittedly a little, well...]


I don't think in all the craziness there was a proper introduction.  And now that it's over, well...

I'm Flit Asuno.  I was the one who designed and oversaw the development of the Gundam AGE-1, and even though I didn't intend on piloting it, that's changed.  Everyone who was out there, thank you for helping save the people of Nora.  I'm not sure where they're going to go now, but I know I'm going to stay here.  Stay with the Unity Group.

Commander Bruzar was right when he said I needed to concern myself with saving many lives.  That's what the Gundam's built for too... and it lived up to that goal!  The UE, the Vagans... anyone else... humanity won't lose to them!

[Once the operation on Nora colony is over, Izuru decides to check on the evacuated civilians. The memory of Commander Bruzar's sacrifice is still fresh in his mind, and he is very conflicted.

And then, when he approaches the evacuees and they actually notice him, something he never experienced before happens. They walk to him wordlessly. Then, tears in eyes, a random person Izuru never met before hugs him in thanks.

This right here are all the lives you've saved, Unity Group.]

Oh wow! I can't believe it!

[A little later, Team Rabbits from the MJP have officially been assigned to Star Rose as part of Unity Group. Want to meet with its proud members, already declared heroes? There's one right here!]

It's like a dream come true. I didn't expect it to happen that fast. It's so amazing, like a secret base of a hero with a hidden identity! What's that over there?

[Izuru is running around like a little kid on sugar. Right now he's the happiest teenager alive. Anything and anyone is bound to attract his attention.

In case you think hiding away in bases other than Star Rose will save you, no such luck. He'll visit the other places as well.]
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(Both prompts locked to the MJP cast)


Bang bang bang! Just like that, your battle is lost.

Fortunately it was only a mock battle with fellow students and practice units. Unfortunately the loss was 100% your fault. Bad teamwork and people not sticking together means the other team picked you out one by one, and now three of your units are standing in the hangar, covered in paint rounds. What say you about this decisive defeat?


"Another semester where your grades are the worst."

Time for the post-practice debriefing, and instructor Suzukaze looks angry. She wastes no time chewing you out.

"Your individual performances are fine, but your teamwork is terrible. You screw up constantly, you trip over each other's feet and get in each other's ways. No other team has this kind of a problem, I just don't get it."

"What do you have to say for yourselves?"