[1] [Slightly backdated a bit]

[With both Lenore and Kazan captured by Carina, a certain "leader" of the Kijin has been keeping busy trying to answer for what happened with Carina and the Gatekeeper to certain parties. After several long days of having to hear about how she failed with her responsibilities from both members of both the ESUN and her own race she is not in a great place.

After all of that it's not too surprising to find her hiding from her responsibilities at a familiar tree at the edge of the woods by Alhambra. From the expression on her face it is easy to tell that she's not in the best of moods and she seems to be ranting to herself.]

Even when I try to fix things, I keep messing them up... I should have just kept Kazan on me or...gotten there earlier or...something.

[Unfortunately she can't escape her biggest critic, herself. ]

Some leader I turned out to be...

[2] [Locked for now?]

[Several days later the Unity Group receives a distress signal coming from Gloster. Rather than waiting for a coordinated response Astara decides to leave far ahead of anyone else in the Unity Group, returning to Gloster as soon as she possibly could even if it meant returning alone. She had a feeling in her gut that she knew exactly who was attacking the Foundation and she would be damned if she let Carina get away with attacking her people.

Upon her arrival she finds dozens of Crafts already in combat with more fake copies of Seta's Craft. The ultimate insult to her and the memory of her best friend.]

Carina....you're going to pay for this.

[Following the aftermath of Kazan's resurrection, a somewhat familiar white haired girl has been kidnapped returned to Sakihama. She doesn't look particularly happy to be back though. Rather, she seems to be treating this as a bit of a chore. Her attempts to escape or run away earlier were thwarted thanks to the constant escorts that were with her. With how she's tapping her finger against her arms she definitely seems eager to get away.

Now that she was here though it is finally your chance to ask her what happened...or confront her about...other...things.]


[With her escape attempts completely ruined Astara has somehow managed to convince you to escort her around the city in search of the mysterious Kijin that she encountered earlier. Unfortunately thanks to Astara's amazing Kijin navigational skills the whole day was wasted and now she is sitting on a bench in a quiet park, staring out into space.]

...maybe I should have taken her seriously.

She isn't a normal Kijin...