[So, after all that, Albert is finally out for the count. Ashe fainted, though, from sheer exhaustion - after all, everyone else fought on a robot, But Ashe went though six separate boss battles on foot in straight succession, and spent all of Model A's and her own energy reserves.

And so, you can find her at the infirmary, where she's been for a while now, with a certain floating trapezoid standing guard right over her bed. She stirs]


[And starts awake with a jump. She seems confused for a moment, then smiles]

...whew. So we did get out before it exploded, didn't we. I was a bit worried for a minute there. And Albert is finally gone... wait. What are you doing up there, Model A?
What, can't I stand watch over my sick friend now?
Heeeeh. [Ashe grins]
That's the first time you've actually called me your friend, you know.
Ah! Really? Well, I can stop if you want. [Model A sounds embarrassed now]
Who said that? Don't worry about it, dummy.

[And that's when she notices you.]

Oh hey there! How are you doing?


[And so, a bit later, Ashe is out of the infirmary, standing on a roof, looking up and grinning. Well, that's one adventure over. All that's left is to get around to contacting the Sages - the two that remain, at least - and get paid, and then... well, who knows!

If you want to talk to Ashe, this is probably the best time - she seems to be in a wonderful mood.]

[Music for this post]
1 - Sakihama, day

Uh-huh. Oh, okay. Really? That sounds great!

[Ashe clicks her communicator off, smiling]

Guys! Know what? That trip to the Amazon wasn't useless! Master Thomas told me the Legion techs actually pulled something out of the computers in Albert's repeater base! They're tracing it now. Could take a few weeks, 'cause apparently that signal was bounced off more places than a basketball, but we'll know where it came from.

Oh gosh, finally some progress! Seriously, I thought we'd have to dance to Albert's stupid music forever.

You and me both, Model A. But now, between the Avian Empire and this, I think this calls for victory icecream.

2 - Star Rose, outside

[Another thing Ashe had on her bucket list was go into space. As in, really go into space, not just in a space station. And so she's managed to convince you to find and, ahem, borrow without permission some of the space suits the maintenance workers of the Star Rose use for repairs. And she is currently cartwheeling in space, using the maneuver jets to spin around at probably unsafe speeds while laughing]

Hahahahaha wheeeee! Zero-G is amazing!

Come on, let's go poke at Asagi's window and scare him!
1 - General communication to everyone

[At some point during the day, Ashe is going to poke on the secure Unity channel. Her smile is a little more subdued than usual, but she seems to keep herself in better spirits than most everyone else]

Hey there, guys. So, I just got this message from Master Thomas? Apparently the tracking we've been doing of the Model W signals has worked, and there's this place they were transmitting to in the jungle.

I know, I know, we're kind of in hot water already, but that's kind of why I want to get this over with. With how things are going and all these new threats, I think I'd rather see if I can kick Albert's plan in the kneecaps before he tries anything when we're already in trouble. So in a couple days, after Master Thomas gets a decent guess for which part of the jungle this place is in, I'm going to pay a visit. Anyone wanna come?

2 - On the base's rooftop

cut for length )
[As if to continue on with how badly things had gone for the Unity Group... well nothing more needs to be said. The damage that Alhambra base took and the burned out chunk that used to be the Huckebein's cockpit block was testament to that. As for Leos he was simply going to sit on some debris. Those who get closer would note that he was bleeding from quite a lot of places. As was Boyle who was not too far away, grumbling very audibly to his sister.]

Hah... I told you Dido... I told you we shouldn't have left them alive.

[He says this regardless of the presence of the mechanic.]

But what can you do... the past is past already. The dead can't hear their eulogies or know if they were avenged. Or that their deaths could have been avoided.

Unity Group... I wonder who will lead you now...

[Maybe he's delirious from the blood he's losing. Maybe he's just thinking out loud. Its hard to say.]

[To say Regalis Filia was pretty damn trashed after the latest engagement with the Zentraedi was an understatement. Indeed it was designed first and foremost to protect its pilot, it didn't mean the beating wasn't straining in itself. Peola was sitting on the deck of the Macross with a number of bandages on her, kicking her feet lazily as she looked out to sea. Ever so often she'd glance at her bandages in annoyance and tug at them a little.]

For an annoying big talking Pacifist, that jerk Kaifun knows how to throw a person.

[She gives you a wry smile and waves.]

Do you think we did good enough out there?

[Not too far from the Macross and the Unity Group in town, there was a woman making something of a commotion. She was a tall, brutal looking specimen, numerous scars on her body and face. There was also a distinct air of smugness and a somewhat vicious grin on her face.]


[Her hand snaps out towards you.]

I'm looking for a brat named Peola. I felt and saw her around here... so where is she?

[As she lowers her hand her fingers curl into a fist as bones pop.]

I'm not one for asking twice so you better cough it up.

[Following a recent paycheck and as a way of passing time, Kei had acquired a fairly large collection of board games, but such things obviously needs other players. As such a game night is held for the pilots and support staff of Unity Group. The venue? The only place on any of the bases suitable for a large gathering possibly sticking around until late in the night - Asagi's room. Several board games are scattered across the room, taking up both table, bed and floor space, though one table is reserved for snacks. It holds a variety of different ones, centering on a large number of Kei's strange, technicolor cakes, but also featuring more ordinary ones for those without hummingbird metabolisms or who just have a sense of taste.

So what are people playing and how many friendships are ruined by brutal backstabs or lame jokes about what to give in exchange for sheep?]
1 - At Legion HQ (mostly for the people who were in the mission and NPCs)

[Well, that sure was something. So turns out one of the Sages of Legion is a) some kind of cyborg, b) bloody crazy, and c) behind the outbreaks of machines going crazy AND the whole Mega Men business. Legion HQ was hit pretty hard, and it's going to take a bit before Legion resumes normal operations.

And while the buzz of activity is going on at ground level, Ashe is sitting on a rooftop's edge, in her Model A shape, tossing her gun up and down and looking unusually thoughtful for her.

Though of course, it won't be long until someone interrupts her train of thought, will it?]

2 - Return to Alhambra

[Some time afterwards, Ashe is back in the base, looking more like herself again, grinning. As she comes in and jumps out of the ship that brought her, she pops a comm while walking]

Well, guys, it seems like I'll be staying for a while. Master Thomas and Master Mikhail hired me to investigate this Albert business, and since you guys keep getting called for big disturbances this is the best place to be if Albert pops his head up.

In the meantime, I'll help you guys out - helping people is what the hero of the story does, after all! Let's get along with each other, okay?
Well, that's that!

[Ashe and her friends have hauled the captured Raiders temporarily into the cells at Alhambra base, with the permission of Unity command, until they know what to do with them, since there were rather more than expected. And as she comes up from the cells, she dusts off her hands and grins]

Now for introductions and stuff. So, hey everyone, I'm Ashe. I'm a Hunter for the Legion. Thanks for the assist before - that could have got a bit hairy. [What, does she mean it didn't?]

We'll be with you a few days while we get word on where these guys we captured should go. Don't worry, we won't be a bother, right guys?

Oh, and on the Biometal thing - I know you're probably curious, but I honestly have no idea what happened there, either. Sorry! Model A apparently also doesn't - he says he can't remember much except that he really doesn't want that Prometheus guy to get his hands on him.
He says he's sorry about that.

So, anyway, nice to meet you all! See you around!

[If you want to find her to talk to her, though, she'll be really easy to find around the base and the hangar, since she and her friends were allowed to bring in their ship for a checkup]