[Most of the stuff in Asagi's room is packed already. After all, it won't be long till all the Rabbits leave... And then most likely go separate ways, each pursuing education in the institution of their choice. Finally, after spending so much time fight, after being literally created to fight, they get to know freedom, and be able to make their own decisions.

Asagi's not in his room, though. He's outside, on the roof - and breathes in deeply, taking in the sight before him.]

Recently, the world feels... different, somehow. More tranquil.
1. [After Star Rose was used as impromptu ammunition against the Wulgaru gate, its inhabitants found themselves without home for a while. But now, after getting shuffled around several places, Asagi finds a permanent room in Sakihama. It's in the quiet side part of the base's apartment section, even. He's just done unpacking his things and looks around the place.]

Not as big and comfortable as Star Rose... But quiet. Good. Maybe I'll finally get some peace.

2. [One thing you can't do on a space station, but can when you live in a city, is ride a bike. The blue Rabbit does that now, both to get from place to place and as a hobby that doesn't involve too much excitement or shenanigans. Or so he thinks.]

I could get used to this... Huh?

[As he passes by, his attention is distracted by a sheet of paper attached to a pole, announcing an amateur bike race that's going to take place soon.]

[After the last incident, Asagi is trying to take out his frustration in the gym. He's pushing a training bike to its limits now, though one might notice a punching bag with Loni's picture attached to it in the background.]

Damn that Loni... Because of his interference, Tsubasa almost died. And after all this, he still thinks he's a good guy? Ridiculous...

[Asagi stops and grabs his stomach. The ulcer is making itself known again.]

Gh... This isn't working... I'm just getting more pissed off...
[With Izuru in the infirmary, Asagi was asked by the mechanics to help with some routine test on the still in-repair Red Five. He climbs into the cockpit, wondering what's the point of this since he's not the pilot and the Juria system won't react to him... But suddenly, various systems of the AHSMB light up!]

What the... How is this possible?

[locked to an NPC]
[Soon after that incident, Asagi was summoned to captain Suzukaze's office.]

Commander? I'm here. Is this about...

[locked to a certain derp]
[After the talk with the captain, Asagi absolutely had to talk to his team leader. So there he is, at the infirmary, with a determined expression.]


[the part other people can actually respond to]
[Asagi's hanging out in the Star Rose bar, as the rabbits tend to do on their free time. He's thinking about everything that happened recently - the fight against Klein, the successful rescue of Team Doberman, the incident with Red Five (which you might or might not have witnessed), the following revelations. Quite a lot of stuff. But he seems to be at peace.]

...I think my stomach is starting to get better.
Her condition is the same as before. Eva looks up at the ceiling, struggles against her restraints occasionally, and sees and hears nothing of what goes on around her. Those eyes that fail to see what is right before them instead see...somewhere else.

Somewhere Else... )

Back in the hospital, Eva blinks once, and sees the ceiling for the first time.

1. [For Ren]
Of all the people Eva can think of, there's only one choice for who to call once she's woken up. She waits for them to arrive in the front of the hospital, having changed back into her normal clothes. For a given value of normal, at least-the all black outfit looks somewhat out of place when not going out to do some espionage work. It'll take a while for her friend to appear, so she takes out a small notepad and starts drawing.

2.[For everyone else]
There's no announcement. But soon, if you're paying attention or watching carefully, you may catch Eva stalking around the base, eating in the cafeteria, or practicing in the gym.
"Here Asagi, your mail! Sorry about the delay - all packages have to get through routine scan, and you received a lot of them. You're really lucky!"

[With these words, a certain tiny eyeless monster puts a huge file of mail on the blue Rabbit's table. Most of it is chocolate - Valentine's chocolate, by the looks of it. There are also notes and letters, many of them embarassing. Looks like someone has fangirls.]

[Ilinka causing mayhem in Birmingham. Leos' departure. Eva's injuries, and Freddy Angel escaping once again. The year didn't start in the best way, and Asagi needs a way to distract himself from it and clear his mind. And he does something unexpected - assemble a jigsaw puzzle. One with whopping 5000 pieces. It's barely started, but taking a look at the box in the corner (spoilers!) would reveal the picture is some kind of historical naval battle.]

Where does this one go...? I think... here.

[Asagi puts the piece he was holding on the edge of the puzzle. It's not even connected to any others yet! Is that really a good move?]

A few weeks before Christmas, as snow drifted and fell, as families went shopping and store Santas rang bells, the Unity Group was in a pinch and poke, for they'd little money for Christmas: in fact they were broke! A greedy teenage miser had stolen their cash, to get a new super robot after his old one's crash! Twas few funds for wreaths, for trees, or mistletoe: towards mecha repairs it all had to go!

In light of this, the stalwart tech Dido Sybil slipped on her parka, and packed her wrenches and drill.

She drove to a junkyard by an SDF base, filled with rusty machine parts from the army and aerospace. With a clatter and clang, she dug out one pile of rusty limbs and jet engines, seeking something worthwhile.

Perhaps you followed her, or were already there: would you like to say Hi, or continue to stare?


[Locked to Ken.]

A week before Christmas, when duties were light, with no Kaiju to slaughter or alien empires to fight, Brave Ken Torao, teenage Ninja supreme, stepped in ScarleTiger's cockpit, to train for his team.
Read more... )


[Shortly later, open to everyone]

A quick search soon reveals the culprit most cruel...
Read more... )
[The discovery that yet another alien enemy race is presumably human-like drives Asagi to reflection. He's looking at the bonsai tree in his room, which seems to be growing fairly well.]

...The Wulgaru use an army of obedient clones to fight. These clones don't even have the will to refuse; they can only fight, and die when they're no longer needed. The Balmarians are similar; they want humans to be their soldiers. They want someone other to fight for them.

[A pause. He draws parallels to his own situation.]

...Are they really that different from humans?
[Back on Star Rose, Asagi watches the fleet returning from the battle of Ceres through a window as it passes by the station. It was a victory where humanity managed to hold the line against the Wulgaru, and his decisive action in taking command over Team Rabbits when Izuru wasn't available had a part in that. And yet...]

Many ships are missing...

How many casualties did we suffer in this battle alone? And in this whole conflict?
[Asagi's watching the recorded footage from the recent fight in Russia on a screen.]

I don't think I'd ever see something like this before... But nobody died in that battle. Not even bad guys. I think that's a first.

But I wonder is it a good thing. That hostage-taking creep will do it again, and he might succeed in killing some people next time... Lilica almost killed Volya, too. And what the hell was that asshole Desta thinking? He almost killed hostages!
[Eva-Or, as she's more likely known, the strange girl from security with that weird robot-is feeling down recently, despite stellar and slightly uncanny performance on the mission with the Zhar battalion. Rumors, spreading fast as they do, make it pretty easy to find out-she attempted to murder the walt-child, and was given a three-hour dressing down by Commander Howe in response. A loud dressing down, the kind that can be heard from down the hallway through an office's closed door.

She can generally be found moping about Alhambra, looking about as happy as a sack of potatoes with chronic depression, and spends more of her time in the gym.]
1.[Up on Star Rose-it's school fieldtrip time! A bunch of kids and a few chaperones are wandering around the shopping and observation decks, getting their first views of SPACE! Actual, real life space! This isn't a particularly strange occurance, but one of the chaperones is familiar to the UG people-it's Sarah, that woman who's always trying to kill Volya. And right now, she's watching a bunch of kids stare out a window at the earth below.]

Still beautiful, huh...
[There was a fairly generic member of the team that went on that jungle mission-or, that's what it looked like. The girl in question summoned some kind of crazy super robot, called Leos a liar, and had Ms. Norman all over her. She's still even got the third eye that old lady painted on her forehead.

She can be found wandering around the base, her right arm in a sling. Sometimes, she will visit the hangar and stare up at the new black robot that showed up to save her.]
After the battle in Paradigm City, the Sol Machine known as ShelLancer trudges it's way back into the hanger bay, docks in a gantry, and powers down

A weary figure in mechanic's overalls clambers out of the cockpit, and after a bit of flailing, descends on one of the cherry picker platforms.

"What the heck was I thinking?" Dido groans, slumping down onto a bench. "I panicked, made stupid calls. And that Decepticon leader thinks I'm a turtle ninja transformer now...!"

She smiles. "...but Hot Damn, I saved some lives out there! Not bad, Dido. Not bad at–"

She looks up at ShelLancer...and finally notices the major damage it's taken: melted armor, broken off spikes, and an endless amount of scratches and dents. All of which needs to be fixed.

[Nothing went right during the latest mission in La Gias. Denzel is dead. Setsuko, Toby, and the people they were sent to rescue have disappeared to some place unknown. Blue One took a crapload of damage, but that's the least of Asagi's worries right now. He stumbles towards a sitting area, slumps down on a chair, takes a stomach pill and lays his head on the table. Then, he slams his fist on it. The table, not his head.]

...It wasn't supposed to go like this.
[The last battle had some messed-up things happening, and Asagi was impacted by it, even if he doesn't show it. To distract himself from it, he bought a bonsai tree - tending for those things is supposed to be very calming, after all.

The thing is, he's not entirely sure what to do with it for now, so after putting the tree in his room he's just looking at it like he's engaged in a staring contest. And of course he forgot to lock his door, as usual.]
La Gias is an insane place. I'm not going there again.

Before professor Shirakawa lost his memory... Just what kind of man was he? That woman called him "master"... And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

[Yeah, Asagi totally thinks Shoe is/was a colossal pervert now.]
[Asagi's being even more of a grump than usual lately, and it's hard not to see why. The operation made everyone look like fools on live TV, but especially him and his epic failure to dock with Blue One's Assault Jaeger. Now it's all over the internet! Which is probably why he's desperately trying to stay away from anything with a net connection right now, and grumbling to himself in one of the common areas.]

Who even thought doing a live broadcast of a combat mission was a good idea...
ugyuuya: Yuuya Pilot (Yuuya Pilot)
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[Yuuya stands beside his unit leaning against the rail and looking up at it with a different expression.]

"Well then 94 Second, it looks like we both got jerked around by two countries but we can show them we've got more to prove than they ever expected of us. I think I finally got to grasp what it'll take to pilot you successfully."


[The Argos flight is leaving a debriefing from the last mission. Tarisa is still spitting fire and VG is placating her in his own style. Yuuya seems more pensive than normal but in a good mood however Stella seems to be just off of normal, almost like she was in part forcing herself.]


[In a more isolated runway on Alhambra you might catch a Yellow unit made infamous from the training exercise and a pilot in a similarly colored TSF piloting suit. She is looking out at the setting sun and a pocket watch she is holding in her hand. She appears to be thinking about something and will not immediately notice your approach.]

[In one of the smaller lesser used workout rooms Yuuya is busy working over a heavy bag with a particular fervor.]

I try to point out the flaws in her logic to help her and she turns it back to an attack on me. Just like Yui, her little flunky Ken, and half the goddamned Japanese personnel here. Support crew talking like they think I can't understand while Yui's got me on her damned leash and not saying word one to them about it.

[He proceeds to move from the bag to free-weights.]

So what if I don't match their little happy world views and want to keep grounded in a realistic frame of mind. That's a "poisonous" attitude? I guess that's what my grandfather meant about being underhanded and untrustworthy with their attacks. So what if Volya was "saved" from his attackers and given a healthy place to finish growing up in. In the end he's going to have to stand up and fix things himself like every kid who's stuck in a poor situation. Not like he has to worry about a loveless family being the only thing outside of military service that he'd have to return to and at least he seems to remember more than one member of his family fondly. People are willing to support and help him not worry about a superior who makes inordinate demands and then quotes pretty little "proverbs" instead of actually useful advice.

[Yuuya pauses momentarily as he sets his weights down on a bench his breath ragged due to the length and intensity of his workout. He looks up into the mirror and glares as he tried ]

And worst of all is this damned appearance. I've shed tears and blood for the American forces, pushed myself to live up to their standards and expectations but to everyone else I'm Japanese. The Russians with their damned interrogators, Yui and her opinion of how disgraceful I am, Ken and his stupid "Japanese Pride" and Mizuki with her stupid maybe the Japanese person most in need of getting chewed out by you is the one waiting for you in the mirror

"I'm American god damn it! Stop holding me to the stupid standards of a country and father that I never knew you bastards!"

[With the last audible outburst Yuuya threw the weight into the mirrored wall, turned to deliver a kick to the sand bag that manages to add just enough momentum to it's swinging that knocks the stand off balance and tumbling into another rack of free weights. Turning on his heel he begins to leave, a look of frustration and anger on his face that is tinged by something else underneath.]


[Entering the workout room you see broken glass and spilled equipment. One of the Maintenance staff for the TSF teams is just beginning to clean up and you can hear him speak with a resigned sigh.]

"Damn it Yuuya, I thought you were past this type of shit. Guess someone managed to finally get to him again, haven't seen him do this since Leon started shit after his mother's death. I wish he'd at least have the decency to do these rages where it wasn't so heavy to fix things."

[3 -Locked to Mizuki]

[Mizuki is disturbed in her office by Vincent entering and closing the door behind him.]

So for someone so concerned about Volya and being a great savior you managed to turn someone who was trying to offer some reasonable advice in a rather sanctimonious way into quite the little ball of anger and self-loathing.

I know what he said wasn't the best phrased and playing devil's advocate with a human life is in poor form but really how many of his concerns were at least valid on some level. So I'm not going to be upset about you dismantling his arguments and calling him on his hypocrisy.

What I am upset about is that after our discussion where I came to you on behalf of Ken and the efforts of myself and Lt. Takamura to keep an official reprimand from falling on his record and you took that warning that his heritage is a sore point and purposely attacked it. Yes he's been an asshole and yes his fight with Ken was stupid but taking that kind of attack when you knew how it would hit him was unnecessarily cruel.

I had at some point hoped that you're history and being accepted into the Japanese culture could help him which is why I sought you out after the fight to talk. Now I'm just disappointed and more than anything would like to know why you'd have done that to him.
[Not so long after the anti-PRAYER action, Asagi's in the Sakihama Base kitchen, picking ingredients and consulting a printed paper he obviously got from a web page (it even has the website's layout and everything). Fresh cabbage. A banana. Cayenne pepper. Milk.

And now he dumps all this stuff into a blender and turns it on! This results in an unappetizing-looking liquid, which is quickly poured into a glass. Asagi engages in a staring contest with it for a moment, and then suddenly chugs it down.]

...It tastes worse than I thought.
[Asagi's resting at a couch at a common area, purposely far away from all the hustle and bustle of Autobots moving in. Sentient humanoid robots, power armored singing magical girls, a guy who toppled a tower with his own strength... All of this is kinda insane. But also cool, in a way he'd never admit to anyone.]

The world is a much crazier place than I thought...
[1] [It's a video transmission! Which shows a teenage boy, trying not to be tense and awkward and failing miserably. Also it's very obvious he's reading from offscreen.]

Is this on...? Unity Group, I should introduce myself. My name is Toshikazu Asagi. I am a member of Team Rabbits, and the pilot of the experimental AHSMB Blue One. My team was assigned to work with you after the recent operation, and... I hope we'll be able to repel aliens and other enemies as well as we did this day. We saved lots of people together.

...I'm not the team leader, but if you hae questions for any member of the team, you can find us all around easily enough. Let's work well together.

[He sighs in relief. That went better than expected, despite his stage fright! Suddenly Asagi realizes the camera is still going on and grabs the screen, cutting the signal. The transmission is over but he can still be easily reached, either via the comms or in person.]

[2] [Asagi inspects his accomodations at Star Rose. The room is comfortable enough, much more spacious than what he was used to at the academy.]

This looks very good. I think I can get used to living like this! Just...

What are you doing in my room?

[Not restricted to just people he knows. Groups welcome too.]