[The party is back from the Kagura-led expedition into the final PRAYER stronghold and the battle with GARLAND - damaged, but without any casualties. And with a little extra nobody expected. Four pods containing dead children, that waited at the deepest end of GARLAND... and a cat. A large white cat, sitting like a guardian over one of the coffins. A large white cat that GARLAND wanted to give someone because it was a "lost item". Yes, that sortie got strange towards the end.

To nobody's surprise, the cat seems to take the primary attention of the mechanics, with cries of "it's so cute" and "who's a big kitty" and "such pretty amber eyes" (which are met with an orange basilisk gaze by a cat that lets herself be petted but looks rather wary)... until the coffins are opened and people fall silent. Dead children have a rather sobering effect.

So Kagura comes out of the Apostle and whips the crews into action, getting them out of those coffins and getting preparations for a proper burial started right now. While she doesn't have actual command anymore, someone with a clear shouting voice and certainty of what needs to be done can get a lot done before anyone remembers that fact. If anyone wants to get some answers out of her, as it were, this seems the best moment. Approach?]

[A little later, after all tasks have been delegated, if you pass through a certain corridor, you'll probably be able to see the blue-green glow of Kagura coming out from an office. And inside, Kagura can be found looking out a window into the rain, with a few reference materials scattered about and a computer turned on. She feels, somehow, more at rest than usual. Like someone who has finished something big - but there's also a hint of indecision there that is not common to find in the Mistletoe. Kagura generally has known what to do, if not always, as recent troubles attest, how she could actually do it. But now she has no idea.

Suddenly she speaks, not turning around.]

Well? Don't just stand there. If you're going to come in, do.


[And in the meantime, the white cat, newly nicknamed Amber by the mechanic crews, is stalkingaround the base. So at some point you thought you were alone (be it in your room, office, mess hall, what have you) you will feel a penetrating stare on you - and you'll find Amber sitting upright in a less-lit corner of the room, tail waving very slowly. Sitting there, practically glowing amber eyes in the dark, Amber looks like the princess of all cats. Certainly makes one wonder whether the Egyptians had a point when they considered cats to be linked with the spirit realm.]

What is this place?

[And then she speaks. Because of course she does. Archie and Skald will probably be happy. And she's asking something of you.]