[Post "Challenge Honorably"]


So now Earth is at war with a nation of honor-bound hide-mecha warriors. All thanks to the ridiculously provocative actions of the Fumerco's Corporation's private security forces.

It doesn't take a political science degree to realize there's something going on

Which is why one day, while you're walking down the hallway of Saikama Base, Sasha and Alexis accost you and drag you to a corner of the room.

"We're going to investigate Fumerco," Sasha says softly. "We need a third person to watch our back."

Alexis grunts. "What my wife means to asks is...can you come with?"


The Kaidonvoskies, clad in formal uniform, knock on the office door of the UG Command Staff

"Can we come in to talk?" Alexis asks.
[1] [Locked to prisoners]

Two tall figures comes walking down the UG's prison block, carrying stun batons, wearing UG security uniforms and light riot vests. Sieljie and maybe Serak would recognize them. Aaron and Ilinka probably haven't seen them before.

Sasha and Alexis Kaidonovksy, newly minted prison guards, stroll back and forth for a bit, walking the beat, feeling out the perimeter. Alexis's face is open and friendly, Sasha's furrowed and scowling.

Seemingly on a whim, they stop by one of the prison cells and nod to its occupant.

"We are your new guards." Alexis speaks up. "Is there anything we can do for you?"

[2] [Open to UG members]

Responding to an network message, you show up at Alexis and Sasha's new office.

"Thank you for coming." Sasha says, leaning back in her desk chair. "As the email indicated, we are not hiring new security guards: the UG base already has a fine, qualified staff. We wish to recruit powerful physical combatants in the UG who can respond to prison breaks and riots when on base, moving to protect assets from and help recapture the more dangerous individuals in detention."

She gestures at you to sit. "As briefly as possible...what do you feel qualifies you to join this emergency service?"

[3] [Open to prisoners and UG members]

As senior prisoner guards to the UG POWS, the Kaidonovksys have installed some equipment in one of the unused bomb-proof confinement chambers.

Specifically, a speaker system, a projector currently shining against a white wall, and floor cushions.

"Welcome to the first Unity Group Prison movie night!" Alexis declares as certain prisoners and certain UG members file in. He holds up several data chits. "With a show of hands, indicate which genre you'd prefer: Action, Romance, Historical, or Comedy?"