[It comes up out of the blue.  Or rather-]


[Elma, banged up as he is, comes back online in Sakihama's hangar.  Although clearly in need for some maintenance, the little Subot instead has other concerns, like-]

-Yes!  It worked!

It was a really huge gamble, but there's been some precedent in intentionally crashing computer systems to clear the way to encrypted data, and I was able to pull it off!  I was able to access the encoded data involving Operation Doll and what Major Ingram had been trying to have us do.

It'd been about Armana... it'd always been about her from the beginning!  Ingram had known she had been interested in Earth and decided to come here, but also that she was, was like a target for someone in the Balmarian Empire.  I don't know if it was for assassination... o-or maybe just bring her back early like what the Golar Golem were talking about... but it was something Ingram had wanted to prevent.

We were supposed to pick her up at the colony, but... we must have missed her.  Like we were too late, or she spent far shorter there than we'd expected.  And instead we were attacked by the Golar Golem, trying to pursue after her... where everyone but Selena-

[-Wait.  Selena.  A glance at the Soleares, and Elma's tiny frame tilts forward in worry.]

Miss Selena... please be alright.

Everyone we... when the Soelares was damaged and buried under the rubble, Selena and I made a really quick plan just in case we weren't able to protect Armana from Spectra and the other Balmarians.  She let me keep piloting the Soleares, while she...

Well I don't entirely know because she just said she'd follow her women's intuition but I know she wouldn't have given up on saving Armana!


Miss Selena...

[With his own repairs taken care of, Elma's attention shifts once more to the dismembered Soleares.  Repairs for such a frankenstein of a machine are possible, but Albhard had weeks, and fewer mounting threats when he built the machines out of the remains of Team Jelba's mechs and the Gesterben.

[For even more thorough repairs?  In less time?  Well...]

... Don't give up.  Just worry about saving Armana... so I can worry about saving both of you!

[... He'd just have to do it.  Somehow.]

[3] (locked to NPCs)

[Hopes may have been placed on Selena, but to somehow find and save Armana would be a tall order.  She'd been spirited back to the Balmarian fleets in the system, protected by countless ships and machines should an attack come.  And if one were to somehow breach the Huleh carrying her, they would be met by the faceless, unrelenting soldiers of the Golar Golem.]
How you gonna pull this off, Selena? )
Following the fight at Sakihama, SSR forces arrived - and soon after, even the Shirogane. This can't be just a coincidence or reinforcements to fight Balmarians, and indeed it isn't.

"The ESUN council made its decision regarding Linjun's request. It's only fitting that I, being the inspector and envoy to ESUN, read it." Inspector Jou speaks to a hall full of personnel from both organisations, while others are watching on video feeds.

"From this day on, Unity Group and SSR assets are being combined into one force, known as Project Unification. The force's primary objective is to stop hostile encroachment of alien forces - Za Balmary Empire and the entity known as the Lady, into the Earth Sphere, by any means necessary. For the sake of this objective, Project Unification has full jurisdiction and doesn't respond to any external chain of command other than itself. Its secondary objective is to neutralize hostile groups from within the Earth Sphere, such as the Lost Seekers and still functioning members of Cambio Protocol. Jurisdiction here is limited, and full reports are expected to be submitted..."

"Not to interrupt you Inspector, but let's leave the minutae for people who deal with them. What of the joint organisations' personnel and their standing?"

"Of course. Project Unification members will mostly hold their old ranks until the project's dissolution, which will come after the primary objective is fulfilled. The exceptions are limited to shuffling among the leadership ranks. The acting commander and highest authority of the Project was, despite some protests, in the end decided to be..."

The leader reveal )

The first briefing )

[3 - a bit after the briefing]
A chance to converse with SSR members - or rather, Project Unification ones. You're all in this together!

"Did you see Linjun's face? That guy had it coming a long time."

"I was never a fan of the way he did things. And, it looks like I got a pay rise. But that's the least of my worries now."

"Bout time all of us worked together officially. If you need anything fixed up, it's on the house!"
To my friend Daniel:
I knew you will find this eventually. Listen to my message; the password is something only you would know.
The first part is the name of your energetic friend.
The second part is the name of your calm friend.
The third part is the third name of God.
Access the data, and learn the truth.

[That was the message attached to the data disk Daniel found in the ruins of the old Lost Seeker compound. And now, thanks to Greta's answer, he knows the third part of the password.]

Maggie. Bobby. Nothing.

[He inputs the password. The datadisk accepts it. On it, there is an audio file. Daniel starts to listen as a voice can be heard in the room - a voice that, if you discount the lack of artificial synthetic parts and metallic resound, sounds suspiciously familiar...]

The recording )


[Click. Daniel stops the recording. Slowly, he takes a step to the side, without saying a word. And he slams his fist into the wall.]
Following the disaster of the terrorist attack (and later Lost Seekers showing up), Project Khnum was not accepted by ESUN. Moreover ethical concerns ensured that thorough investigation must first be performed before it is allowed to continue in any shape or form.

But what of the clones? The clone soldiers who, after something happened to them, now are apparently sapient and acting with a will of their own. There is less than a dozen survivors, but one of them speaks up.

"Uncertain... I mean. I am uncertain what I wish to do now." The clone gestures - at the armored Genoace, at a handheld weapon dropped not too far away.

"But it's not this."
[While the tapestry fragments are being loaded up and some issues are sorted out (Mainly the knights doing their best to find a way to make up for the hurt they had caused the other revengers) Volya and Interitus can be found sitting at the foot of a tree along with David and Florian. Forgiveness is a difficult thing and Florian still felt anxious about the knights, at the very least he still took things to heart. The four seemed to be pondering the fate of the seeds left behind by the Black Garden as they regarded the cloudy skies.]

I don't think we should separate them... it... really doesn't feel right. We should try to grow them in the same place.

[Florian nods at that. It felt odd for him to be so at ease in this place... he hoped the others were alright.]

"I agree... but the question is where. Definitely not here..."

[David sits up a little as an idea occurs to him.]

"Maybe a greenhouse or- Oh! Volya! You've got a garden right? Maybe you can grow them there!"

[Interitus moves her arms to form a cross shape and lets out a noise of disagreement.]

"Thhhbhttttht! No! Bad David!"

"Wha- Why?"

"....Should put outside. Quiet. Not inside building. Let Garden have sun, wind... be among grass and trees."

"O...oh... yeah that... that makes sense."

[David sheepishly rubs the back of his neck as he lies against the tree again. A soft chuckle escaping Volya as he shakes his head at the pair.]

Well... we've got a lot of time to figure it out anyway...

[A soft murmur of agreement left the others before David pointed up at the sky.]

"That cloud kinda looks like a dog doesn't it?"

"It does.. a little. The ears seem a bit wrong though."

Maybe its like one of those tiny dogs with the big ears?


[The discussion devolved into cloud watching. The kids having a chance for a while to be kids again.]
All out of sudden, a military exposition has been organised. Many ESUN bigwigs were invited to come, and this applies to Unity Group members as well. On location, the guests may feel safe thanks to heavy security - provided by some kind of armored soldiers. In addition to acting as guards, they are the ones showing off at the exposition. Be it on foot drills or fake combat in mobile suits (modified, heavily armored genoaces), the squads perform their tasks with excellent speed and precision.

"What's the secret behind Project Khnum's success? We have cloning to thank for that!" The guests are entertained by a way too enthusiastic presenter with a fake smile. He is all too eager to explain the goings on of the exposition.
"Now, this is not the first such attempt, I'm sure everyone heard of the MJP Project. But that has its shortcomings - it creates cloned people, but people still, and the project's graduates grow just too slowly! The Earth Sphere is besieged by enemies from all sides, we need a large elite army to protect us and we need it now. Project Khnum is the solution."

"Its creations may be biological, but they're more robots than people. They are created from a template only vaguely similar to human DNA. No real sentience, no free will, only directives downloaded into their brains by our well-developed and tested training procedures. These procedures is what gives the Project Khnum clones their excellent abilities and teamwork, while ensuring they will never, ever harm a human being. Safety is always our foremost concern, a priority!"

"With Project Khnum dawning on the Earth Sphere, the face of warfare changes. No longer will our brave sons and daughters have to risk their lives in battle. No longer will nations have to spend huge sums on years' worth of training. With the project, a soldier of the new area, capable, skilled and loyal, is ready from nothing in mere months!"

Many of the guests are sceptical and some even look visibly disgusted. But just as many seem enthusiastic about this idea, as clapping fills the air as soon as the speech is over. One older gentleman seems especially content.

"Today this becomes reality. My dream... no - my final chance at redemption."
Edward Mcdowell looks like he aged 10 years since the last time you saw him, forced to stand with the help of a cane. But he is beaming with pride. Pride at the project that - as any information leaflet reveals, is his own doing.

And the DNA template mentioned during the presentation? It too is present on site.

"This is the right thing to do, isn't it? This is a good thing... right?"

Chou avoids the crowds and leans against the window in a secluded area. The Kin looks torn apart by internal struggles and exhaustion. But they're here not as a prisoner, but the project's co-creator. One whose genetic pattern served as base for the clone soldiers.

"What'd you do in my place, Ren?"



The cloned soldiers themselves aren't separated from the guests. You can talk to them, or try your luck against them in a fake fight (using 100% safe weapons). They even answer questions. But unless someone has business with them, they just stand still, like statues of futuristic warriors. So unlike the Kin whose DNA they share.
[Another Rider, another message by Abel Meyers for the UG. Unfortunately, this time is different than before, and not in a good way. Meyers himself actually sounds nervous.]

"Greetings again, Unity Group. I come bearing news, both good and... bad.

"The good news is that we have discovered the final Rider's tomb. The bad news: its location...and..."

[The video feed switches to reveal footage of a city's skyline. It would be a regular view, if not for the fact that a gigantic cube has encased the entire city.]

"As you can see...Stigma somehow reached the depths of the tomb before us and awakened the Rider. The cube that you see is its doing.

"We've no idea what is going on inside. There have been attempts to establish communications with the city to no avail. Scouts have been sent in, but none have returned.

"This...is frankly something you are specialized in, Unity Group. I know your history with the Black Domes, so I will leave the decision of what to do next to you, and the Rider who is on our side."


[Fyra only gazes at the screen for a short while, before turning around to leave. She knows that Morte is still out of commission, but given the circumstances and the enemy involved, waiting for him is no longer an option.]


[A few hours later: the Unity Group detachment, which includes Fyra, arrives outside of the reach of the gigantic cube. And they are not the only ones present - various ESUN armed forces are also on standby, but are cautious enough not to simply send more people in. The fact that the cube is also growing in size as time passes makes the situation more worrisome than it already is.

While preparations are taking place for the UG to act, Fyra looks in the direction of the city and interrupts.]

We cannot wait any longer. This is the Rider's Order at work.

I will go. If there is anyone willing to follow, stay close to me.


Part 1 )


Part 2 )
[The Discovery stolen, with Loni poised to return sooner or later.  Plus the few threats still around and kicking.  And unfortunately for Mizuki...]

- You're growing faster than the first time, but still way too slow.


[The DuskBird has only regrown to the size of a normal bird, adorable and mechanical, but clearly not combat capable.  If the end of the world were to happen in another day, then-]


-Zankuro?  What're you doing here?

Well, see kindergarten's having a "bring your sibling to class" day and I'd been thinking about if you'd wanna come and all.  I mean I think it'd be really cool if you did!  But also, I...

[He shuffles nervously.]

-I came because I wanted to see if I can help.  I mean I can still manifest the BlackNight, and like... you just said it yourself!  The DuskBird's not able to fight yet!, but I thought like... we could do it together!  You could show and help me out everything, there's even room inside of the Night for us both!

Zan... that's...

[Dangerous?  Selfless?  Risky?  Noble? Arrogant?  Humble?  Physical body aside, he was still a kid...]

I know you're worried but... but Mom and Dad are fine with it!  They even said we should try to spend more time together... and it could even make us sorta like a Jaeger team!  And that's when they got really excited about the idea!  So long as I get all of my homework done on time they don't have any real objections.

Alright... alright we can... maybe do this.  Until the DuskBird's ready again.  But if we're doing this... whatever I say goes, alright?  If it gets too dangerous, I don't want to risk Mom and Dad losing both of us.  No trying to be more of a hero than your big sister, alright?

[Zankuro's eyes light up.  Success!]

Mmm!  I promise!

[And he has just the biggest hug for his big sister.]

"I see..."

Inspector Jou looks serious when news of Loni's actions reach him. Serious - but not even that troubled, not significantly more than usual at least.

"I'd lie if I said I was surprised to hear it happen. The Discovery of Self is the Lady's greatest opponent. Of course she would steer her champion to capture it."

"But Gavin can't leave the picture just yet. The Lady's story simply cannot allow it - he'll show again, and the Discovery of Self with him. This is when we will capture it."

"In the meantime, find more parts of the Discovery of Self. You are making good progress recovering them, but we must find more. The most crucial components have yet to be located, or replaced. Gavin and the Lady don't need them - but we do."
[Following the battle on Ankaia, Kei can be found looking over a number of reports on recent political events and debriefings of recent battles.]

Jiart returned, despite having died. Remnants of the Zentraedi invasion turned up with him. Several Zentraedi fleets are coming. Then the Void returned and Fumerco popped up again despite Ishin killing its leadership, the revelations about its actions and the needs of maintaining the peace with Ankaia. And it proceeded to continue what it had been doing before.

Lots of enemies are coming back when they shouldn't.

So I wonder...How likely is it that this isn't related to the Lady?


A. Ah... be more careful if you please... tch!

[Sielje is wincing and making various strange noises from discomfort of being shot in the back. But the beasthide she wore protected her - all she suffers from is a bruised rib or two. It could've been so much worse.

Regardless the knight needs some medical attention now.]

[The artifact from the Great Forge is back on Earth now. Another part of Discovery of Self has been retrieved - however an old trouble seems to be not quite defeated as everyone originally thought.]

That group of merchants... no - of all kinds of people. To think Fumerco still exists. Even if it is under a different name, housed in a different city. But it is the same.

What may we do to put an end to it? Not just defend Ankaia against their predations, but to defeat a corporation once and for all?

It may seem as if... not all battles can be won with the sword.
[Frontdated a little.]

The Great Forge...

Ynya and Kimhone )

... Adjustments, she said.

[A package arrived to Sielje soon after the talk she had with her friends. With only a moment of hesitation she opens it, to reveal.]

... Ah!

[A dress. A black, vaguely leathery dress, with a tight fitting bodice but flaring, frilly sleeves and a skirt. As well as a veil, and a few assorted trinkets.]

This is what Kimhone wore ten years ago. A rarity like no other.
You wanted me... to have this?

[Travel to recover the Discovery's relic takes you to mountainous parts of Ankaia - inhospitable and barren even by the planet's standard, with barely any vegetation amidst rocks and crags. But eventually, the Unity Group party arrives at the forges: and the workshops where many an Arm was assembled now lie in ruins. Thanks to Ishin's destructive actions, artifacts put at work here now are shattered, half assembled Knight's Arm skeletons left on their own in empty halls.]

Meetings )
[The battle with the Great Black Void was over... and it had brought with it surprising revelations.  First... Mizuki's little brother had gotten all grown up, and Zankuro was trying now to desperately console his parents and tell them he still wanted to be treated like a little kid and go to kindergarten.  But Mizuki is in the infirmary, bandaged up and with a tiny little mechanical blackbird sitting on her shoulder.  With the DuskBird so thoroughly destroyed, all she could do was try to grow a new one.  But standing in a little balcony outside and looking at the Sun, she was noticing something, or rather something's absence.]

-It doesn't hurt.  The sunlight doesn't...

Quick, someone get me something to eat!  Anything... just... just what normal people would have!

[And one bite of a burger later though and Mizuki's already spitting it out.]

That's disgusting!  How can anyone eat something like that?!?

[But at the same time, no vomiting.  Seems the Abyss's victory over the Void has had an unexpected payoff.]

[An invitation for one and all: a celebratory dinner's being held at Solaris HQ for Mizuki's parents.  The gathering is comparatively small on the Solaris's end...but then again go figure, it's not a bustling organization anymore.  Still...]

We're not doing anything that's embarrassing right now, right?

You're fine, just-

Oh this would be just the time for something to get burned or the sprinklers to get set off or someone to have a surprise allergy to something, wouldn't it?

That's not going to happen!  Just relax and enjoy this!  This is supposed to be for you two and Zankuro!

I suppose you're right but...

No "buts".  Just sit down and enjoy this.  I know I am.

[Needless to say most of the food can look peculiar for anyone not versed in Abyssian eating habits.  Still, there's plenty of cooked mushrooms to be had, and a few selections off to the side for normal peoples' consumption.  And in spite of her parents oft-embarassing behavior... Mizuki's nothing but smiles as she sits with them, talking, catching up, filling them in on details of things Unity Group members are mentioning.  What did you expect?  They're a family... with one more on the way.]


[Later that night though, an explosion rocks Solaris HQ, alarms screeching one after another as security tries to figure out what happened.]

Something's in the building!

Systems say...  that blast was focused on the residential quarters!

[Residential?  But that could mean-]

Mom!  Dad!

[But what she finds is a massive gaping hole, with the epicenter being her parents' quarters.  Both lying on the floor, unconscious or possibly dead... but the real thing to worry about is the thick, spreading mass of darkness.]

A͎̥̘̫̥̗̜n͉͍͚̘̲̖͘d̷̘͓̘͎̳ ͚̺̩̺̞̲͓t̞͠h҉̙͈͉͍̜͕e̶̘̣ ̛͈͓ͅt̮̦͖̦̜̦͘ͅh͖̬̲̟i҉̜̺̥̲̰r̖͞ḍ ̮̣͈̥̖̺o̹̝̫̰̥f ͕̤̫̕t͉̥̗͇̞̣̞͡h̩e͜ ̗͍̖̖̤ͅͅu̮̪͍̣̙n̞͉̜̦̥ͅf͔̦̗͔̖͢ͅi͔̜̤̟͕̠͢ͅn͓͟i̯̖͢ṣ̵̳͖̗̬̮h͇͉e͍͇̬͇d̹̫͡ ͙f̤a͓̺̹̺i̞͍̼͈̰̠̦l̙̗̗u̡̹͎̻̼̰r̟̝̗e̶͙̯s͉̭͢ ̼͈̖͕̪͡ṣ̼̝̯̰̠̪h̖̼o̺̪͖̭w̢̜͚͈̘̯s̵̭̹͉͖̮ ̳͙̻̻̺͖͎i̛̙̦͇̰ţ̘͚̳̲s̱̤e̙ͅl̮͚̺͍̀f͎̬̥.̝̦͈̣̹͞

And something bad does happen! )


Aftermath )

[With the damage the Wagner sustained taking down Alex/Joshua, Roy had figured he'd have to go under for a while while the mechanics patched his body up.  He's plenty surprised though to wake up one day... back in his human-sized body, repaired and good as new]


[Here he'd found his body to help Doomstar and Jen out... but to think the crazy scientist had actually been able to patch it up again?]

... Holy cow.

Lady Crackrock you're... pretty freakin' amazing when you want to be!


[And indeed... it's pretty great to be able to go around and not in a Doomba, at least until...]




[Until Roy gets re-introduced to pain when he stubs his toe on a door.]



[And hunger pains make him do an emergency run to the mess hall to have his first meal in months.]


[And worst of all...]


[Suddenly realizing he's gotta start using the bathroom again. as he sprints down the hall when nature starts calling.]

An uneasy silence surrounds a small fleet of orange-colored Wulgaru units that emerged from the gate activated by Jiart and Kamjin. The fleet came in peace, and its leader asked to speak to Teoria. Permission was granted, with everyone in preparation it turns out to be a trap.

It was not a trap.

"Legates Lumes. Glad I am that we may speak in the flesh again."

The news )


The two are not alone. As Lumes prepares to depart, a worried Princess Armana looks on wordlessly.

(You may talk to any of the three present)
[While the SCCF was now temporarily silenced their leader was still on the loose and possibly plotting to cause more mayhem under the guise of good intentions. Meaning more work for him while working to ensure that all avenues for Lee to try take over the Unity Group were blocked off. While it was unlikely the UN would hand over the commission to Lee as he wasn't exactly in their service as the member of a Non-ESUN military detachment, the SSR still had achieved quite a bit that some members may consider things.]


[However... mudslinging and dirt digging can only go so far and at the very most could only serve as a road block. Especially if Lee painted himself up as the only choice they had. So to that end Calvin spent an equal amount of time researching various possible candidates to serve as an interim commander for the Unity Group until the Lady is stopped and Lee loses interest.]


List under cut )

[And in the interest of covering all bases, Calvin ran through various members of UG (even ones who didn't outwardly show leadership qualities) and their allies for consideration. Those ones went into a second pile that was thoroughly marked with red like Grimlock's... as Calvin picked up his sheet and tossed it over to the larger pile.]

I'm going to need a vacation after this...

[An alley in the city where Sakihama Base is located. Daniel is standing on one side. On the other - another large figure, wearing a yellow raincoat. Under the raincoat's hood, there's a robotic face - one that's identical to Daniel's.]


[Both of them seem surprised by the encounter.]

[You're somewhere around one of the Unity Group bases when you hear several rapid footsteps of someone dashing around a corner and/or hiding behind something. You see Interitus looking around quizzically so one can assume that the person who made such a noise was probably Volya. Looking behind her partner's hiding place she's quickly pulling an arm into view.]

"Volya! Come on!"

'Teritus! No. I look ridiculous... how did I even let you talk me into this!

"Because we're partners and I saved your life a lot? Pleeeease. Show friend! They say you look good too!"

...Ugh... Fine!

[And out steps Volya in his school uniform. Nothing too unusual there. What was different though? Well Interitus in all her great...wisdom and the influence of the idea of Mizuki's Parents treating what would happen with their child to be much like something out of a TV show, the plant girl felt that Volya really did need to look the part of a mysterious transfer student. Thus...]

Be honest... I look ridiculous don't I?

[She managed to convince him to grow out his hair. In any case Volya looks seconds away from facepalming.]


[Meanwhile in one of the hangars there's the battered form of a Guiding Hand Defender being brought in. Interestingly its greatsword was replaced with an equally battered shield, though it lacked any sort of embellishment or hidden weapons.]

"Sir Nathaniel... I understand... you sent me this one out of all of them because you want me to build myself back up before I can do more... but..."

[David looks up at it, taking a deep breath and sighing as if tremendously disappointed somehow. Perhaps it was some complaint about how the machine was not powerful or unique...]

"You know I'm terrible at using shields right..?"

[But it was actually a slight on his own skills... or lack of thereof. He winces as his gaze trails to the shield covered in scratches and dents. He hangs his head with a tired sigh.]

"Back to practice then..."

"Hah! I told you I was a main character!"

"...What are you even going on about."

Doomstar has been unusually cooperative, so she's been allowed some free wandering-accompanied by a guard with a gas mask and gloves, of course. She and Jen are meeting outside, chatting over some tea and snacks.

"It's not too important, Jenny. The important thing is, I might have a solution to your situation."
"Yeah, you mentioned that..."
"Well, I wasn't joking. Since the problem is genetic, just copying Julia's method of cheating death won't work, but there's nothing that says we have to use an organic architecture when copying your brain's processes."

"...I don't really follow."

"Basically, we'd use the nanobots in your blood to get a model of your brain, and then we'd run that model on a computer. So there'd be you, and an AI copy of you. The copy won't age or decay, and it could make backups of itself in case it got itself blown up like you keep doing."

"So if I let you experiment with my brain, I'd live forever."

Doomstar's smile fades. For once, the crazed razorgirl's facade slips away, showing the worry underneath.

"...No. A copy of you would live forever-from your perspective, you would still die the same way. And...the copy might not be exact. This is really untested stuff, and Julia spent more time on it than I ever did. Like, it might even come out to just be some sort of soulless sociopathic abomination. I could improve the quality of the copy with a destructive scan, but...I can't fix death. I can only let you leave something behind."

While Jen looks deeply into her tea, Doomstar reaches across the table to rest her hand on Jen's-but the courier brushes it off.
[As with others involved in the final battle against Chimera, Willis has found himself in a contemplating mood following its conclusion and his return to a Unity Group base. Despite his best efforts to seemingly throw himself onto the quickest route out of this world he was still here.]

Great...now my head is jumbled up with all of this also.

[The state of his mind on the other hand was a bit more loosened after making near direct impact with a Sphere, even if it was a false one. Considering that it was his third time having to deal with dimensional instabilities and this time in a much more direct way. Fleeting images of others dimensions had been burned into his mind, small glimpses but it was enough to make him question his own memory after witnessing some familiar faces in those flashes.]

That was such a stupid idea...

[While he knew it was simply Jii Edel's way of messing with them he couldn't help but feel that the puppetmaster knew more about them than he let on despite his mocking tone. Willis would know about that best.]

The Black History, are there really that many dimensions that are doing worse than this one...how many other dimensions do we even exist in...
[He hadn't been able to have a ringside seat for it, but Roy'd still gotten to hear the truth about Chimera and its "leader", Edel Bernal.]

Three little words and some freakazoid could make you do whatever he wanted...  Lady, you were nutso beyond nutso, but like... how much of that was really you?  Would you have done all that crap if you'd known the truth?

... 'Course you got blown away by Mr. Lovey-Dovey, so we're never gonna know.  Maybe you wouldda been just as bad, or even worse 'cuz you'd have somethin' to prove.  But maybe things could've been different...
(BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_lpRXzjSwA)
[The Chimera are no more. Their massive force is beaten, Asakim has finally been killed for real, and the driving force behind it all - Jii Edel, has been cast out. And now, the one pilot who was in the epicenter of it all, constantly harassed and tormented just to awaken her Sphere... Setsuko Ohara has no more strength to do anything but sit under the Virgola, staring up at the peaceful night sky.]

It's over, it's finally over. Jii Edel mentioned so much, Black History... it looks like alternate universes weren't faring much better than this one. And, it looks like I played right into Asakim Dowen's hands all along. To think all he really wanted was to die...


But it's all over now. That... that's all that matters.

[Unable to control herself, Setsuko cries tears of relief.]
A trap, isn't it...

[Setsuko is resting somewhere on the Chimera battleship, a sweet bun in her hands. It still tastes like nothing, because of the Sphere, which does not make her any happier. Not that she doesn't have bigger things to worry about.]

The Cambio Protocol will try to surround us and wipe us out. They'll probably bring in whatever allies they can find...

Call it intuition if you have to, but Asakim Dowen will be there. I know it.


[She recalls everything the Black Stranger did - how he killed her friends, tormented her. How he tried his hardest to save the world from an ancient god...]

I'm sorry Leos. It felt nice to do something for everyone but in the end...

In the end some people I just can't forgive. I still want vengeance.
The Black Charisma battleship is open and unguarded. All that is left is to face off with whatever Chimera members are left inside.

But the ship is empty. Brigadier Edel Bernal is nowhere to be seen, nor is a certain black-clad jerk. The only person on board is...

"Ah, don't hit! Don't hit! Edel doesn't like it when someone else does it!"

It's Jii, the childish/mentally unstable crazed scientist, making an exaggerated expression of panic (not pictured). He was found cowering behind the Chimera servers. Yes, the servers are there - and fully functional, still processing all information available online even now.

"This is a party. Party, party! Edel said you'll be coming, yes? That's why she and everyone is gone."

"They will be back, all around you so you can't leave. It's a party known as a trap."

[Elsewhere - narration only, not taggable]
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1. [Jen was KO'd immediately after the VIPER attack on the art exhibit. And while Nemain regenerated her gunshot wound without any difficulty, it doesn't seem to have any effect on her being knocked out. In fact, she's out for a long while-long enough to get transported to the sickbay and examined. She's lying there, various charts on the table beside her.]

[Slowly, Jen stirs.]


2.In the dead of the night... )
[With the ancient computer system recovered it wouldn't be long before Leos would be escorted off the Unity Group base that the shuttle returned to and back to the institute to continue his recovery, so he simply sat quietly as he turned the unopened pudding cup in his hands round and round. It felt... odd to say the least. Encountering Nineball again was an unexpected and even frightening moment yet...]

Blaming someone for doing something they feel is right when they're broken... it'd be pretty hypocritical of me...

[Where he could have chosen to keep hating it, even after finding out it was responsible for the Vagan and possibly even the Meganoids... he chose to understand and forgive. As he said... there was no point in trying to hate something for being damaged, not when the right thing to do was to reach out and help them find their way... just like his friends had done for him.]

Did I finally do the right thing?.... Feels like it...

1.[For whatever reason, you've spied Jen getting a phone call.]

Hm? Oh...That fast, huh. [She sighs.] No, I...I'm kind of glad I missed it. Being around him was just...sad, you know. When's the wake?

...Alright, I'll see you then. I'll bring a friend, I think you should meet her.
[Jen hangs up.]

Okay, so...my father finally passed away last night. So I'll be away for a couple days while we get everything sorted out and wrapped up. We got a bunch of free tickets to this exhibit of his art, if you want to check that out. The service is gonna be private.

And...yeah. So that's about it.

2.[At the museum-general mingle/meet jen's family]
The art of Johnathan Douglas is the product of 10 years of intense, furious work. An electrical engineer with no previous interest in art spent almost every waking moment drawing increasingly detailed paintings and sketches. They're all very abstract, and of a similar form; a simple pattern iterates, again and again, growing in complexity before the whole thing becomes a chaotic mess. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a piece done on blacked-out index cards, with colored lines drawn on top of them. It extends some 3m in height and is twice as long, with a single blue line eventually splitting off into a massive wave crashing against the far end. There are no curves in the entire work, only millions of successive right angles.

Jen, along with the rest of her family, arrive after the service. Outside, it starts to rain.
Family )
[Beatrice Willson.  The successor to the SCCF's initial leader and mad scientist, Lilian Cavinagh, who didn't last long in the position seeing as how she's locked up in a cell and facing interrogation.]

Right.  We get to meet face to face now.  In a sense, since... yeah.

[... From a Doomba with the video setup for Roy.]

And you came because you thought I'd just tell you information you wanted to hear about the Foundation, or the Cambio Protocol in general?  Or what happened to your friend after Carina attacked with the Gatekeeper?

The Doomba and the Detective )[Anyone else is free to talk to/interrogate Beatrice if they want, even as groups.]

End of Vengeance )


Returner )


Last Answer )
[1] [Slightly backdated a bit]

[With both Lenore and Kazan captured by Carina, a certain "leader" of the Kijin has been keeping busy trying to answer for what happened with Carina and the Gatekeeper to certain parties. After several long days of having to hear about how she failed with her responsibilities from both members of both the ESUN and her own race she is not in a great place.

After all of that it's not too surprising to find her hiding from her responsibilities at a familiar tree at the edge of the woods by Alhambra. From the expression on her face it is easy to tell that she's not in the best of moods and she seems to be ranting to herself.]

Even when I try to fix things, I keep messing them up... I should have just kept Kazan on me or...gotten there earlier or...something.

[Unfortunately she can't escape her biggest critic, herself. ]

Some leader I turned out to be...

[2] [Locked for now?]

[Several days later the Unity Group receives a distress signal coming from Gloster. Rather than waiting for a coordinated response Astara decides to leave far ahead of anyone else in the Unity Group, returning to Gloster as soon as she possibly could even if it meant returning alone. She had a feeling in her gut that she knew exactly who was attacking the Foundation and she would be damned if she let Carina get away with attacking her people.

Upon her arrival she finds dozens of Crafts already in combat with more fake copies of Seta's Craft. The ultimate insult to her and the memory of her best friend.]

Carina....you're going to pay for this.
[They'd been winning.  They'd been making Carina eat her snobby, condescending words one and all, and Lenore'd been poised to finish her off for good.  So why... why had he only been able to watch as Carina did... that thing...]

... An "I win" button.

[That's one way of describing it, sure.]

Great Roy, just really great way to totally freaking jinx EVERYTHING!

[As juvenile as it is, the Wagner kicks over a pile of existential and philosophy books he'd requested.  So much for being in the mood for making sense of his own predicament.]

She deserves better than all of this crap!  It's not fair that... that someone can just control a situation like that!  What was Lenore supposed to do, just sit on her hands and just never do anything ever friggin' again?!?
That giant thing was built from Cambio Protocol resources... and Lenore's sacrified friends.

How can the Protocol even pretend to do anything good? Is this type of "new world order" supposed to help anyone?!

[Izuru clenches his fist.]

I'm sorry Lenore. You got captured and I don't know what Carina wants do to with you, but... but we'll get you back. I'll do everything I can.

It's a hero's promise.
*It's the middle of the night. Walt sits down on his bed in the infirmary, looking at his left arm that used to be filled with eyes. It's healthy skin now. He laughs.*

This can't be happening again, right? This is just another nightmare, right? Friend?

*And his giggle echoes in the dimly lit hallway.*


The next day, a police detective come knocking to Alhambra base. He's bringing a sealed package to Walt who is lounging around.

"Mr Walt Schermtz? I'm from the interpol. I know this isn't standard procedure but... we know when things are beyond our jurisdiction."

"Jurisdiction?" Walt cocks his head. "You're the interpol. The whole planet is your jurisdiction.

"Exactly." The detective nods. "This case is beyond that.

We were investigating a series of ritual murder from all over the world. One of the victim... left something for you. I believe she is your acquaintance."

The detective hands over a leather-bound diary. The name written in front of it is someone familiar.

It's Dr. Eliene's Diary.

Dear Walt.

If you're reading this, that means I'm already dead. I know we didn't separate in the best term. I won't defend what I've done, nor pretend that what I'm currently doing is enough to atone, but if you are still what I remember you are, you are not going to ignore this. Please have as many people in the Unity Group know about this, because you will need their help, but most importantly,

you are needed.

After the fiasco on your case, I resigned from Unity Group, but the encounter with the sentient dimension introduced me to a thirst for knowledge that I never felt before, thirst for knowledge on things beyond knowledge. Professor Dupond's works on Discovery and the gates is still something I hold in my heart with wonder and jealousy. I want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him, the person I put in my altar. So I continued my researches privately.

In my researches, I stumbled into another person with similar interest. He's charming, he's intelligent, and he introduced me to his circle of friends. They all are academia from various disciplines, but they all have similar interests with me. I soon find out that this circle of academic interest is bigger than just the few people I met, there are many members and chapters all over the world.

They're a cult.

Oh, the atrocity I witnessed. But I steeled myself, I tried to involve myself in their "research" as much as I can while distancing myself from the cruelty they did, because I know that I need to involve myself as deep as I can if I want to have a chance to stop them from the root.

Their main "research" seems to revolve around the attempt to invoke this... being, for lack of better word. Records about it has been wiped out from any human history. It has a name, but they don't or can't verbalize it. They just call it "The Sleeper From Between The Stars." The supposed purpose for their "research" on it varies. Some says if they can invoke it we will have unlimited energy, enough for utopia until the end of time and beyond. Some says that if they can invoke it, they can redirect it power that nothing can ever threathen earth again. But one thing for sure. These people are obsessed. No matter what their intention is, they want it to come to earth.

And I believe nothing good can result from that.

From what I gather, this being exists in empty space between galaxies. Every once in a while, it appears in places less empty, either summoned or by its own accord I do not know. What I know is that those places had traces of civilizations. Had. Because whatever civilizations existed in those places, the only things left are their traces.

Records about this being are exclusively held by this cult. They managed to have perfect information blackout on it. But I managed to find out that there's specific requirements to invoke this being.

And the requirement is almost complete.

I'm almost out of time, so I need to be more reckless. If I'm successful, you won't receive this diary. But if you receive this diary after all, well...

I failed. The only hope now is on you, Walt, and the rest of Unity Group, to stop this right at their final preparation phase. That is the only time you can stop them at the root once and for all rather than just pruning their branches.

And why you?

Because other than all the requirement to invoke this being, the cult also has records on how to prevent the invocation. It's all vague, and they're purposefully not researching it, they only keep it to prevent other parties to know about it. But the most significant part is this oft repeated poem.

“If the Watcher
should be broken,

the Dreamer
would arouse.

If the Dreamer
were overcome.

The Sleeper
would wake.”

I know it's you Walt. You are the Watcher. Don't be broken. Don't be overcome.

Don't let the sleeper wake.
Recent developments with the Lady and the Discovery prompted some to mention a particular Kijin organization as a potential source of artifacts.

Because of this, those who are interested may participate in a hastily organized visit to the once grand estate that was the headquarters of the Gloster Foundation. There are things to be discussed.

After the events almost a year ago, the place is definitely not what it once was: buildings are still damaged, and while some are being rebuilt, others have been abandoned. The giant, lavish manor that was the administrative building, where Seta's coming of age ceremony was held, is one of the latter.

A gloomy atmosphere looms over the area, complete with a sky laden with overcast.

Among those who decided to come, one person is a special case: a certain horned girl, who received a personal invitation from the new leaders of the Foundation...


The Stranger )


The Reason )


3. (Note: Please keep responses here to one thread, thanks.)
Duel )
So what are we going to do about that guy's idea of taking charge of the two primary crisis response teams of Earth? Whatever we're going to do, a unified response from all of Unity Group would probably be more persuasive than just running around and sending in whatever we each think is a sensible response.


[Kei just recently received a pretty big, heavy envelope. It's carrying a simplified logo of Harvard University and anybody used to trying to read her expressions can readily see that she's practically bursting with excitement. Even without having opened it, she's making the way to the kitchen closest to her room to grab a slice of cake to celebrate getting it.]

3 (Locked to Izuru)

[In the evening, Kei knocks on the door to her recent boyfriend's room.]

Can we talk for a bit? ...It's about being stuck on the Discovery together like that.


Heroes and then their enemies.  Dark Lords, evil guilds, cults...  They all come in different shapes and sizes, don't they?

[The talk about the Lady and her stories, and Unification as well has stirred a sense of nostalgia in Mizuki.  An array of children and YA book, the type she and Sara read as a child are spread all over a table.  Her own favorites had been the less serious ones wherein the hero and the Demon Lord would somehow end up as companions, be it romantic or otherwise.  Sometimes there were misunderstandings, sometimes greater threats, and sometimes both of them still had a lot of growing up to do.  And in one case...]

Even ones when the author doesn't realize the hero's worse than any of the villains.

[But then-]

I'll say, but Mizuki, quickly!  Make room!

Dad?!?  What are you-

Mizuki, please!  Oh we were hoping to show you and you even have a table set up but then you had to just cover it up with so many books!

[So says her mother, coming in with a humongous wheelbarrow stuffed with "how to" books and DVDs and audio players about parenting and families in general.]

We got here as soon as we can... and the news... it's just so wonderful!  Everyone in Solaris is overjoyed!

News?  News about what?
The not-so-Earthshaking news )
As the brouhaha revolving the Discovery and the truth about The Lady and Loni unfolds, a strange man came to Alhambra.

"Excuse me, may I meet with one Miss Grace Wallach?"

He doesn't seem to be threathening, so he's shown to Grace. The man is a middle-aged personage with british accent and an ill-fitting suit that seems to have seen a lot of use. A thin, somewhat twitchy guy with moustache that doesn't belong, follows him.

After Grace shakes his hand, the mysterious person extend a card.

"Dr. Steward Grey, Anthropologist. And this is Danny, my assistant. Are you the one Miss Wallach who managed to got herself a whole unused warehouse full of ancient handheld consoles known as polystations?"

"Huh... Yes that's me. I must warn you that I got that purchase all legal, really! It's all signed by lawyer and notaries and such!

...do I need to call a lawyer now?" Grace starts to put her hands on her pocket, obviously trying to grab some hidden devices.

"Nothing of sort, Miss Wallach, but this is important. The fate of the world might depend on your answer.
Do you still have some of those Polystations?"

Grace embarassedly scratches her hair. "Well... I kinda donated most of them at christmas last year. And the rest was bought by some other people. If you're collector, I'd direct you to the orphanages where I donated them, but you're out of luck, since those had been stolen."

Dr. Steward looks frustrated as he punches his own palm. "Curses! Confounded again. I know about the orphanage theft, Miss Wallace. And I know about the purchase of your stock as well. I was hoping you still have some.

Because... the one who bought your stock and the one who stole from the orphanage might be the same party.

And the world is in great danger right now."

Grace is taken aback at this.

"What... what are you talking about?"

Dr. Steward looks at Grace straight in her eyes.

"Then I should enlight you on the history of Polystation Alpha and Processor Mivich 7. Gather your comrades, as many of them as possible, because eventhough this might pale before the sort of universe-devouring monstrosity that you and your friends face every day, the fate of this small planet might depend on this.

I'm an Anthropology Professor, but I spent most of my free time hunting for curious cultural artifacts. One of the artifact I've been hunting for these past few years are specimens of Polystations known as Polystation Alpha.

Terrible Old Histrory You've Probably Never Heard Of )


"Kimhone, will she truly be able to hear me this way? For certain? ... Aha! A familiar face."

[Suddenly a private but low security transmission is received by Unity Group. On the other side you can see the Ankaian champion, pleasantly surprised that this works. And he's not alone.]

"Salutations. How fare you? We heard news of Earth and they were tumultous. It looks like you managed to prevail however, and I am glad for it."

"Is Sielje any place near? It is my turn to ask for her favor. Something she is best suited for, and may it bring our realms closer together in this difficult time."


"Is this how people of Earth live? Peculiar... I expected a place more austere. It certainly is lively though!"

Not quite... It is not a city, but Unity Group's Fort Alhambra...

[Sielje is playing tour guide for a small group of Ankaian delegates - knights young and old, men and women, they came here to experience themselves how Earth's like. But Ynya made a (probably wise) decision not to shock them with the big cities yet, so far a UG base should suffice.]

"Ignorant upstarts, you know nothing!"

[It looks like most of the tourists have better things to do than to take in the views however.]

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[It was a while after the inspector's announcement and much of the information was still sinking in. For some it was a time to plan for the future, for others it was a time to discuss the new information that may or may not have rocked views on the very world itself. For Peola and a few security staff and mechanics? It was a time to try manually open a hatch on the giant robot horse.]

Okay! I think we've almost got it! Just one more pull-!

[There was a loud mechanical thunk as they let go of the hatch and quickly move back as it falls. There was silence for a while before the sound of something heavy meeting metal in a steady rhythm made its way outwards to the hangar. Lo and behold a truly titanic horse made its way out with a mighty neigh before cantering over to Peola and snorting loudly, letting a breath all over her.]

Ah! I know I shouldn't have been reckless, but what was I supposed to do? One of her friends was going to get hurt!

[A nicker and another snort and the horse was soon gumming at her hair.]

Quit it! Ack! Somebody help me out here!

[The people assembled in front of the hatch glanced at each other... and then figured it was far too much trouble to get involved and dispersed.]

[So... the giant robot horse had a huge horse in it... huh.]
*Despite his dramatic parting word and all, Walt seems to be alive. Rescued from the wreckage of his Genoace and stashed inside one of his team's mech while they all escaped from the Discovery, now he's listening to the inspector's explanation looking more mummy than man.

After the inspector finish explaining Walt seems to be taken away for some reason.*

Huh. I seems to have dodged quite the bullet.

*And from his tone you know he's not talking about literal bullet*
"Allow me to start from the beginning..."

Unity Group was late to the party. Frustrated that ESUN did not support him, Lee Linjun made the first move. SSR approached the Discovery and fought the Guardians and the Seekers, only to receive help from people trapped inside. People who managed to break out, not without outside help. Linjun tried to have the Shirogane fire on the Discovery, but he was stopped, stopped by the very same outside help.

Now, the fight is over, the Discovery secured. And the ESUN inspector, the one who visited Unity Group many times - Inspector Jou has some very important things to say.

"I'll repeat myself for those who were not here to hear it."

"Aeons ago, sentient beings of the universe were enslaved by an entity of godlike power. The entity loved stories, but it could not tell new ones by itself. It could only recreate stories already known, and it did that by changing reality itself, with others as unwilling participants. To be the hero of a story is good, isn't it? But what is it like to be the helpless victim? The villain, or one of his henchmen?"

"The sentient beings of the universe rebelled. Putting their differences aside, they cooperated, all working together towards a shared goal. This is the process known as..."


Massive backstory reveal )

[One more thing of importance - also taggable]

"You're right, inspector. What we need is another Unification."

"But you must also realize you're putting the weight of the universe's fate on shoulders of a group with limited jurisdiction. To put things simply, Unity Group has no authorization to do things you ask it for. And having lived for so long, surely you realize how important it is to have a strong leader in charge."

"I'm going to petition ESUN for integrating Unity Group into SSR, all its assets included. The personnel will retain their ranks, or receive SSR equivalents when they lack one. It's a reasonable request, so I don't see why it shouldn't be approved."

"In times like these, all we need is discipline and a clear chain of command."

[See also the OOC post.]
[Route split explanation]
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[1 - route A, mingle/reaction prompt]
The Discovery has launched into space.

The ancient stone building raised from the earth, freed from the cave that sheltered it for thousands of years. It's no building - but a giant cathedral-like starship. A starship that quickly rose through the atmosphere and before anyone could stop it, took its place on Earth's orbit.

Now it's floating in space, slowly circling the planet and not responding to any signals, seemingly lifeless. Something has obviously happened inside, something possibly not good at all - but there's just only one little problem preventing anyone from getting in close to investigate what has happened.

The Seekers, the Guardians (of Past, Present and Future) - even one of those was a very formidable foe. Now there are many, floating around the Discovery and, as an observation probe found out, attacking everything that comes close.

How much worse are things going to get?

"I'm assuming command of Unity Group."

Here's a message from Lee Linjun.

"Your little game, where the organisation continued to exist and pretend nothing's wrong despite not even having an acting officer, moved on for long enough. As long as it only affects internal affairs I couldn't care less, but now the stakes are simply too high."

"You know well what happened. The alien known as the Lady has made her move. She has the power to affect reality itself and wants nothing less than to subjugate humanity, it's not too late to stop her but we need to act, and we need to act RIGHT NOW. Her vessel, what we all used to know as Discovery, is now in Earth orbit - but not for long. Using the Shirogane's Tronium Cannon, I'm going to take it out."

"The only problem is the Lady's grunts on the way. That's where you come in. I've sent a similar message to UN Spacy, the ESUN military, anyone who still has a space force. We're gathering a fleet, and then we strike."

"I hope to see you there too, Unity Group. Not even for your own sake. This is a crisis where individual lives and organisations no longer matter. This is for the sake of humankind itself. Lee Linjun, out."

[2 - also route A]
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[3 - route B, talking with NPCs and/or mingle prompt]

"Are you alive?"

Read more... )

Thank you. For everything.

*The Bahamut team is currently hanging around their usual spot in the hangar. It's not a private meeting though, and they let anyone join their discussion.*


Professor Matsuyama is a brilliant and brave human. I can't think a better individual that I'd rather be repaired by.

Grrrh! I can't believe I managed to get captured just like that! And I can't believe how dare they try to frame Professor Matsuyama like that.

Thankfully my grandfather's sacrifice and your investigation isn't for nothing, Katsuhiko. I managed to detect what the Fake Bahamut was there for.

*He then directs everyone's attention to a device*

This is a piece of technology that have similar construction with Bahamut. I can surmise that this is a part of Bahamut that got separated from him when... he arrived in this planet on time unknown with means unknown. That's the reason why the Beast of Starmind need something in Bahamut's construction. This device is linked to his technology.

Sadly, even with all of my brilliance, I can't figure out what's it for. It has some dimensional technology, but other than that I don't know what would happen if we activate it. 

Oh, did I forgot to mention it? Yes, I can easily power up and activate this. 

"What are you waiting for then, Shoji Matsuyama? Activate it. This might be the key to finally end the Beast of Starmind menace once and for all."

*But before Shoji could activate it...*


Please wait. 

*Bahamut interjects.*


What are you interjecting for, Bahamut? Are you still worried about your past or whatever? I thought we've agreed that it doesn't matter, and you'll still be our friend no matter what you were in the past.


I am honored by the trust everyone have in me. But... Remember what happened in the last few clashes with the Beast of Starminds? And what my copy said before its destruction?

It's because I like this planet that I think we should not activate this before we're sure what it will do. The Beast of Starmind were looking for this too after all.

*The team then looks at each others. They then look at you, whether you were there specifically for the current conversation, or if you're just coincidentally passing by, as if they're asking for opinions.*
[1] Alright folks. I promised I'll explain everything. Sit down; this will take a while.

Daniel's story )

That was nearly four years ago. I returned to the compound a year later, to scout it. Abandoned ruins. I thought the Lost Seekers, and their terrible crusade, were no more. I was wrong. The first sign were mecha similar to Steel Wanderer, sighted near a town in Mexico. That's why I took that job. If you were there, in that fight, you know what happened: Defor and Prospero died in that fire three years ago. But Godefroy survived. He rebuilt the Lost Seekers, created a new army of cyborgs. And now, their crusade started again. We killed the leader of one legion, but there's more. They'll attack again. And soon. Probably.

If you have questions, ask me. I'll say all I know.

[announcement - no responses necessary to this one]
I'm going to the old Lost Seeker compound tomorrow. To look for clues. Maybe there's something I missed; something that'll hint where their new base is. If you wanna tag along, go ahead. Doubt we'll meet any hostiles, the place is in ruins. But take weapons if you want. Just in case.

[2 - exploration, feel free to talk to Daniel or others]
[The compound is located in southern US, in a mountainous area - hidden from plain sight, it's easy to miss even by airborne observers. Good that Daniel knows the way. The buildings, as expected, are ruined and completely abandoned, with no signs of human presence for years. There's also a lot of damage, from the incident that put an end to the first crusade before it even started. Because of that, it's hard to tell what use some of the buildings had, but there are remains of a hangar, at least, and less damaged residential and work areas.
It's hard to find anything of value here, but there's a lot of rubble and old, useless scrap, some of it in the form of mysterious machines in a few rooms, too rusted over and trashed to recycle or figure out their function. Overall, the whole compound has a bit of an abandoned hospital vibe. Not the nicest place to be.]

[3 - Daniel's discovery]
[After looking (and failing to find anything) for several hours, Daniel looks like he's ready to head back. But then...]

...What's this?

[He heads towards a ruined stairway. Under it, he pushes a part of the concrete wall, seemingly indistinguishable from others. And yet, a part of the wall gives, and a hole appears. Daniel puts a hand inside and recovers a paper-wrapped package. It looks old. He stares at it silently.]

pulledplug: (:\)
([personal profile] pulledplug Jan. 31st, 2016 04:51 pm)

[So it seems you all haven't seen the last of Roy Garnette just yet.  In spite of what happened at Erria, the Wagner, untouched since then, still rose to help save Hikari's friend.  Now it's at least getting a proper repair job, with the AI inside now free to focus on his existential quagmire.]

So... yeah.

Boss man didn't just get me an awesome robot to pilot... that robot... was me.  An' I guess the normal-size me was just a... drone or somethin'.  Dan Man, you're probably right.  My past an' living on the street... nights I went hungry, winters I spent freezing my butt off... even meeting boss man himself were all a buncha lies.

But when we were out there, that dude in the Megatank knock-off needed help.  And like, I could hear it.  Like I wasn't blown to bits and crap.  And I had to ask myself if I could just let a guy get killed and not even try to save 'im.

I mean... even with boss man I tried...






[Hooked up to a screen, Roy's been trying to get at least a digital image of himself re-established.  Kinda hard when you're only just getting into the wonderful world of computer programming even though you are one.  And worst of all, his efforts seem to be straying further from the mark.]

Not in a million years...


[And afterwards the Wagner can be found, looking at a small data screen in the hangar, tendrils occasionally poking at it to cycle through reports about what happened at Erria and everything afterwards.]


... What a bunch of scumbags...

[So then, look who's back and with puberty mostly out of the way.  The Razor's taken a bit of damage from the fight against Tver, but Flit's still looking plenty happy to be at a Unity Group base once more.]

You know, it's funny.  It's only been about half a year but it feels... longer.  Then again it's been really busy for me and the AGE System.  But... now I'm feeling ready to get back into it.  The treatment for X-Rounders has come a long way, for me too even... and I can't just let everyone else do the hard part of keeping people safe forever.

I remember everything being a little bit bigger though...
Hm, so the apparently whoever made Fyra and Co used the interpretation of Conquest, War, Famine, and Death... I think? Won't get it past them to turn out to be actually based on different thing, like but most likely the next Rider would be Famine.

Discounting how War and Conquest are kinda redundant, and all actually means death anyway, if that's true, this give us some time to prepare about its awakening, since apparently each rider has vague special ability symbolizing their names. Conquest apparently could summon unlimited mooks instantly, War was... undefeated in conflict by regeneration? Death can... kill all things? Well it's kinda vague, and I wasn't really paying attention because I was too busy to not die, but I think that's the gist of it.

So, using those as examples, let's play word association. What would be Famine's ability and how can we neutralize it? The neutralizer can't simply be everyone bringing cheeseburgers in their cockpits on sortie, right?