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"Damage sustained during re-entry and at the battle of MJP academy, combined with a need for intense maintenance means all AHSMBs are out of commission for at least a full week." Captain Suzukaze has an announcement to make, and she uses the internal broadcasting line to make sure everyone is listening. Especially Team Rabbits.

"Afterwards, they will be free to use by Unity Group as usual. All of them - except Red Five."

"From now on, Red Five needs special authorization to sortie, which will not be granted unless the situation is critical and its deployment is necessary to the mission's success. That is all, everyone is dimissed."

"A deep space recon mission, huh? With Team Rabbits out of commission, it's time to show our juniors what Team Doberman can do!" Randy is all fired up as he talks to his teammates at the mess hall - and everyone else who is willing to listen, too.

"What we can do, huh... actually, I bought something for Tamaki." Patrick shows a small packed up gift box.
"I want to show it to her after the operation."

"What are you talking about, man? Do it now, you know how it goes in the movies, right? If you want to wait until the mission, you're going to die for sure!"

"Actually." Chandra adds. "Now's a bad time to mention it, but I am getting married in a few months."

[3 - locked to Asagi]
You receive a short message from Commander Gato.
"Meet me in person at the earliest possible opportunity."

He was always a man of few words.
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