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"Make sure this information does not leave Unity Group. Everything you learn here is strictly confidential."

Shortly after the battle of Ceres, a closed doors meeting between Commander Simon Gato and members of Unity Group has been arranged. Everyone is allowed to attend if they promise to maintain secrecy - and for Team Rabbits, attendance is mandatory.

"Is everyone here? Good. I will let our guest explain the rest."

A young white-haired woman enters, escorted by a tall man. Some of you may find the pair familiar.

"Thank you Commander. I will get started then."

"In ancient history, there was a powerful spacefaring race. The race wanted to spread life in the galaxy, so it seeded many planets. On those planets, sentient beings eventually evolved, similar to the original race but always different in some way. As you probably can guess by now, Earth was one of the seeded planets."

"The ancient race is no more, but its offshoot - that you know as Wulgaru, still exists. The Wulgaru race is slowly dying, lives growing shorter and shorter. In order to remedy that, they have taken to finding another plants seeded milennia ago, and harvesting the genes of their inhabitants."

"A member of the Wulgaru royal family disagreed with this practice and wanted to protect the other races against Wulgaru intrusion. She was not successful... but I felt the same way as her, and this is why I am here."

"That person was the Wulgaru queen, and I am her daughter - Princess Plaguezesia Teoria. I made it to Earth fifteen years ago, and managed to convince Commander Simon to believe me, and use technology I brought with myself to prepare your planet for the invasion. The AHSMB units, and their pilots, were created thanks to this technology."

"I am glad that we could finally meet in person. There is one more thing I need to warn you about, however. The powerful Wulgaru general you faced is Plaguezes Jiart, the crown prince and my brother."

That was quite a revelation. Do you have any questions to ask?
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[Kei was standing there, listening to the baffling story. For now she didn't say anything, instead doing her best to look like a serious soldier. While glancing to see how the rest of the audience took the whole thing.]
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[Asagi looks shocked by those revelations as well. All of this is quite a bit to absorb!]

Then the reason our AHSMBs reacted to that white Wulgaru... To Jiart's unit...
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...A-Are we going to ignore the fact this means we could be related to alien life across the entire galaxy? The Wulgaru and the Zentradi make two... I wonder if the Gebians would count too...?
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Gebians are beetles, do they really count? But all the other humanoid aliens...
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I wonder what other kinds of aliens we're related to. Perhaps the UE are related to us as well.
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Well that explains the Wulgaru's interest in Earth... and possibly Izuru's secret...

Anything you can share about the giants then? We know the Wulgaru have -and probably still are- come to blows within our solar system.
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Not a good sign for us then. And I suppose this is more fuel on the theory that the Zentradi would've attacked us anyways.
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[Kagura is there. Kagura is taking these news in absolute silence and immobility - only the light shine of the lights on her faceplate point to the fact that she's active. She's just listening]
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[Flit just stares. A humanoid alien! And the same size as Earthlings! But...]

Fifteen years ago... that's almost before the UE started to attack colonies...

And at Nora, the UE and Wulgaru seemed to have no interest in fighting each other.
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I've been trying to make sense of that too. General Hetepheres's mentioned that the Gebians have clashed with most of the other alien races attacking Earth... but the UE are the odd group out.