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Suddenly out of nowhere, a remote briefing is announced for all members of Unity Group. The transmission is led not by any UG member though, but by Commander Simon Gato - the aloof leader of the MJP project.

"Our enemies' assaults on targets of importance have weakened recently. You may have wondered why, the command surely did. Well, this is why."

Click! The screen changes to show captured footage of combat. Shiny Wulgaru units are present, and so are the much more numerous but primitive battle pods fielded by the giants - but what is new is that they are fighting each other.

Between the former's superior maneuverability and the latter's superior numbers, it is unsure which side is winning. The recording ends before anyone could emerge victorious, but one thing for sure, it was a very large engagement.

"It seems the aliens hate each other as much as they hate humanity. Don't think we're off the hook yet, this is not a permanent situation, and we need to take advantage of it."

"A counterattack is already being planned. For the first time in years, we can take the fight to the Wulgaru and not just defend."

Looks like the briefing is going to end here, but no - the focus changes to the logistics officer.

"By the way, the AGE System produced enough DODS Guns so all our Genoaces are now equipped with them. It probably doesn't matter much to those of you in unique one-of-a-kind prototypes, but if all you had before was a beam spray gun or an assault rifle..."

"Well, you should be happy with the results."
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