"You' think you're being serious?!?  This is a joke!"

[Peace had settled across Earth and space, yes.  But for Ana Racik, there was still one last obstacle to overcome, and one last ball and chain around her ankle to cut loose.]

I already told you, I'm not going back home with you.  You're going to need to think up some pasttime other than making me your toy now.

[And standing opposite of Ana, now in civilian clothes, is her ever-so-lovely grandmother.  A certain set of documents, notarized just hours before, are firmly clenched in her hand.  Resignation papers.]

"So then what?  I suppose you've found some private outfit then willing to take on a maimed test pilot?   The Raciks have friends in the private sector too, or are you forgetting your family history now?"

You don't have friends everywhere.  I'd rattle them off for you, but I'd rather not give you any ideas on where else to expand to.

"The nerve!  You think you know what's best for you?  Look at how going your own path turned out for you, being tossed from test group to test group-"

And you're to blame for that.

"Then the Unity Group and then over to the SSR... quite the organization that turned out to be!  Ran into the ground and needing to draw on every able-bodied pilot it could.  And then back with 'Project Unification'.  Well, no matter.  Enjoy your ever-crashing life, Anastacia.  In the meantime you might find your pension payments oddly delayed.  You are quite right that I don't have friends everywhere... but sometimes all you need is one somewhere."


"Nothing to say?  Not even the self-preservation to think about grovelling?"

... Actually, if you really want something.

[It's petty, but she has a sense of where this leads.  She takes a step closer... and spits in her grandmother's face.]

Fuck you, you bitch of a hag!

[There's a flash of shock in old lady Racik's eyes, before a hand suddenly flies to slap Ana.  It's caught easily in one hand, clenched tightly.  And when one of her aide's rushes to try to apprehend Ana-]

Don't even try it!

[She thrusts out her prosthetic.  The man's too far away for a punch, but the sudden hiss of compressed air and magnetic inversions gives but a second's forewarning before the fist launches out, Rocket Punch-style and cold cocks him before returning to the limb.  She lets go of her grandmother's own, pushing her away.]

Give it up, old lady.

I'm done with you, and I'm done with your family.

"I'd almost applaud your commitment if not for fear that you broke my wrist..  But with that kind of attitude, your commitment won't put food on the table, or make friends for you out there.  Keep that in mind come the winter holidays, Ana.  You'll always have a place at home for them, though after that display I think it'll be outside, freezing in the cold, alone and hungry."

[Still rubbing her wrist, Ana's grandmother smiles, thinking she's got the final word here.  But that's all just the cue for someone else to speak up.]

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[And who better to interrupt than Peola herself? Except this time... rather than the security uniform she had often worn she was in full court regalia, looking every bit as the Princess she is. She wasn't alone either as Ourania, Monika and Salwah were present dressed for the occasion... along with two imposing figures in regal armor - members of the Magl Royal Guard.]

... I know I told you that I was going back to Magnolys... that it was about time I started to actually be the Princess my home needs but... but there's a lot I have to say...

[Peola fidgeted, clutching something close to her chest. She seemed nervous in continuing but a gentle nudge from her sister and a small nod of encouragement from Monika helped her gather her nerve.]

I... I love you Ana! Its... I always had this warm feeling in my heart whenever we talked and it always got stronger the more I got to know you! Its selfish and... and I don't know what your plans are but I want us to spend the rest of our lives together!

[She drops to one knee as she holds out the ring, intricately crafted as the gem set in it shone brightly.]

Ourania told me th.. that people on Earth proposed marriage with wedding rings..s.. so.. here... p...please... be my wife?

[Amusingly Peola was so focused on trying to prepare herself for that she didn't notice Ana's grandmother. The rest of her entourage did though. While they did arrive late enough to miss the standoff... something about that smug smile on the younger princess' face said that she made sure that her sister popped the question exactly at the right time.]
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[There was a loud squeal when Ana took the ring. Amusingly rather than Peola, it came from Salwah who had the decency to look quite embarrassed. Monika pat her on the shoulder reassuringly... Peola couldn't help but smile at the sight, shaking her head and realizing who was present. On one hand... she knew that the old woman present was a self absorbed old crone in need of a good whack upside the head... yet on the other...]

Ah... So you must be Ana's Grandmother. I've heard about you. I am sorry for the abruptness of my proposal to your brave, kind and wonderful granddaughter. She really has been one of my closest friends here on Earth and I truly am glad she accepted...

[It was equal parts true emotional honesty and flipping the hag off. The princess curtsied as elegantly as you pleased, but the curl of her lips and the tone of her voice betrayed exactly what she knew... not to mention she most certainly remembered a certain incident from when Ana was still a member of the Unity Group. In fact... she motioned to one of the guards, who bowed their head and moved away to retrieve something]

Your presence here is actually very convenient because I was arranging for a suitable gift to be delivered to you. My little sister helped me to choose it.

[There was the scent of brine and fish in the air as the guard returned. It was a very ugly looking thing, large and slimy too. With little ceremony the guard tossed the fish at Grandma Racik's feet. Needless to say... the old woman and her aides would probably be going back to their car with a foul odor.]

It isn't coffee but I hope you cherish it. Because I know I'll certainly do so with Ana.

[Without missing a beat, Peola wrapped an arm around her fiancee and held her close - simply hammering the nail home of just how much the petty and pointless antagonism had just cost Ana's Grandmother. Ourania wiped a tear from her eye, clearly proud of her older sister's flawless execution.]
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[Oh that was probably just a little bit of an abuse of power... but it was totally worth it because it was for a good cause. Especially the hug and the feelings that came with it.]

You came to help me with my father. Both times. The Wedding... with the thing about his sister... I'd be ashamed if I didn't do what I could for you.

[Peola leans in and kisses Ana. It wasn't the traditional kiss of thanks to the forehead she had done a number of times before but an honest to goodness full on kiss to the lips. It was passionate and filled with all the love the Princess could muster as she held her bride to be. There was a radiant blush on her face when their lips finally parted, but also a very silly grin on her face.]