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[A black, oldschool-looking car parks outside Sakihama base. The vehicle may look familiar to some people; same with the man who steps out of it.]

It's been a while. But it looks that everything ended up well over here, as well.
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Mr Smith! Now that's a surprise. It really has been a long time...

[Setsuko catches the end of that last sentence.]

I hope there weren't any large troubles in Paradigm City.
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Well, that's a relief. It's a good thing that you were around, then.

There was... quite a lot of things happening while you were gone, actually. I don't know how much information goes into Paradigm from the outside world, but it all looked really serious for a while.

It's all over now though. It's all behind us now.
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I don't know if Sakihama can serve as a vacation spot for much longer...

But alright. Should I start, then?
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I hardly know where to begin. So much has happened... maybe we can talk this over some cake?

Okay, so...

[It seems like the next few hours of Roger's life will be taken.]
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[A familiar girl's with him too!]

Mmmhm, it's a huge relief!

[Well, except for the mountain of homework she's still got, including a report on Paradigm.]