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People of Project Unification. We have fought, and worked, and struggled together, for years. But now, the organization is no longer needed. And I, myself, am needed elsewhere. It is time to go.


Oh, you did not really think I am going to leave Earth and return to Geb, did you? Do not forget, I still officially hold the title of ambassador. I am simply relocating to an embassy constructed by ESUN in Brussels for this very purpose. Doing actual diplomatic work will not be very exciting for an old warrior such as I, but I have no doubts crisis situations will still emerge from time to time; and when they do, my Scaraber shall be there. In the meantime, feel free to pay a visit whenever you want. The building should be hard to miss even from afar; it is the one shaped like a pyramid.

If you feel like reflecting for a moment, compare the state of the known universe three years ago, and now. Back then, it was a hostile, unfriendly place, where all the races - Earthlings, Gebians, Balmarians, Wulgaru, Zentraedi, Vagans, and more - were at war with each other. These days, they are all connected through bonds of peace. And you helped forge these bonds; never forget that.

The time for the dance of death is over. Now, each of us will dance our own, personal, dance of our life. Take care. It has been a pleasure.
[Hetepheres' entourage - the various normal Gebians - gathers around and starts waving goodbye with their insectoid arms. Some of them are wearing giant foam hands to help with that.]

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Good-bye General, good-bye everyone!

[Izuru waves to the Gebians.]

I hope Brussels is less of a ruin now. Bad guys really had it in for that city, didn't they?

Well, actually... there's kinda one more thing...
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How thoughtful! That way there will be at least one hero on the scene.

Well, I wanted to see the pyramid but I can't now so... ahm.

I'd like to make another drawing of you and your cohorts, General. If it's alright...
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Alright! Awesome, this will only take a moment.

[Izuru pulls out his sketchbook and gets to work. How did it even fit under that jacket?]
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Ah, right. Well, it's the initial sketch, right? But I'll fill up the rest from memory.

[Izuru turns the picture around to show the Gebians gathered. So many years have passed and so many things changed...

But his artistic ability is not one of them.]
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I was so busy fighting that I didn't really have time to practice in earnest...

Maybe now, that Earth's at peace?
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I hope so. Well then...

[Izuru looks around thoughtfully. Then, he salutes sharply.]

I suppose that is all from me, then.

Thank you for everything and... see you later, General!

[As he starts to walk away, the salute turns into a friendly wave.]
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Wait, you're not going back to Geb!?

[Well, this is embarrassing. A pile of Earth related souvenirs now sits behind Willis without a purpose.]
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Well, everyone else is going back to their homes and stuff so I assumed you know...it didn't seem that far-reaching...

Ah...well if only there was some way to easily do that.

[A small cough]
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These were carefully moved here in preparation for a big moment!

I'll just...get it dumped somewhere else. Maybe into a pyramid or something...
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You know, I do know where it actually is...

[His expression to the hieroglyphics is mostly a confused one.]
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"Heads up!" A voice calls out to Hetepheres.

A tennis ball slices through the air, heading straight for Heph's head. A few more tennis balls come flying in, this time towards the Gebian support staff!