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[Most of the stuff in Asagi's room is packed already. After all, it won't be long till all the Rabbits leave... And then most likely go separate ways, each pursuing education in the institution of their choice. Finally, after spending so much time fight, after being literally created to fight, they get to know freedom, and be able to make their own decisions.

Asagi's not in his room, though. He's outside, on the roof - and breathes in deeply, taking in the sight before him.]

Recently, the world feels... different, somehow. More tranquil.
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It is a strange feeling Asagi of Toshikazu. I am unsure if I will ever be used to such a thing.
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I am sure I will find a purpose! After all a warrior like myself can adapt! It does not bother me! It does not bother me at all!!! ITBOTHERSMEALOT!!!!

[And then under attack by a sudden feeling of lacking purpose Skald is now flailing around and running in circles.]
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[Skald is now dangling helplessly in Asagi's hands, paws flailing as he attempts to run.]

That is true! But even then after seeing the closest thing to Valhalla I have ever had all battles that will come after will feel stale in comparison! It is like finally reaching the peak but having no where to go but down! My skills will diminish and my mighty form will not be as mighty as it will have been!

I will become nothing more than a housecat to be pampered!

[Skald is getting very overdramatic now.]

My mentor Socrates and the other Members of Fl.Cl. have scattered to the four winds, seeking humans that are worthy of being called their friends, and even my partner Archibald has managed to find something in regards to his owner...

But such a life! I am ill equipped to live it!
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We can! But its just not the saaaaaaame!

[Cat now slumps in sadness in Asagi's hands.]

Console me Asagi of Toshikazu. I require cuddles. Cuddles and scratching behind the ears to alleviate the despair.
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That's the feeling of a good end, Asagi! Or is it more like the true end?
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It's better than the good end, obviously! Like, some sad stuff that'd happen even in the good end is averted, or you get extra scened at the end.
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Yeah, after all this isn't a story.

It's life. And as long as we're alive, it's not ending.
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Don't worry. Even if everyone goes their own ways, you still have friends. You still have family... Big Bro.
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It's a really rad feeling, isn't it?

[So asks the Roybot.]

Like a night that you don't gotta worry about any scumbags trying to get into the nightclub, so you can just pull up a stool, relax, and hear whoever's trying their luck with the open mic.
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It does, doesn't it...

[Eva's here. For once, she came up in plain view, instead of simply...appearing, where she wanted to be.]

Oh, I hope it lasts.