[So this was it... the end of the road that he was placed upon. It was pretty mundane but he could live with that as he stood inside the small place he rented out. Soon to be not just his home, but the home of his office too. Boxes were stacked throughout as he looked around the humble space. Admittedly he could have gone back to the OSI... the pay would have been more solid and he would have had more connections as well. But he was done with them and with the insane situations they put him in. He was going to just kick back, relax and deal with perfectly normal things now.]

Hey... Thanks for your help. Wouldn't have been able to get my stuff moved over here as fast without it... I'd offer you some coffee but a certain someone's napping on the box.

[He jerks his thumb to the napping Polarion Raptor - now bearing a loose collar with a tag on it - the name 'Brân' inscribed in clear bold font on the silvery metal.]

Its been a crazy few years and a lot of good came out of it... but honestly I'm glad to be just done.

[Meanwhile... an unlikely duo are waiting to meet someone...]

"Come on! Cheer up... its not like she's going to say no right? You said she offered you a place over there and I bet someone like Miss Onodera keeps her promises!"

"... I fail to see how you can be so cheerful. Especially since your own chances are not as strong as my own. We are going into a world that will not be as endangered as it previously was..."

"Maybe not... but the world's never not going to need heroes! Even if we aren't going to be fighting evil... people still always need someone to reach out to them and do the right thing. And besides... You, me and Zankuro... we made a great trio out there! Maybe we can keep that up... maybe just being friends if we're not going to be a superhero team."

"...I'm countless years older than the both of you."

"And Zankuro's way younger than me! Its not like it matters that much. Besides! That just means you can be our cool aloof senpai!"

[Lagardia does her best to stifle a laugh at that. Sadly for her dignity it was a failed effort.]

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[Someone knocks to the door, more out of politeness than anything.]


So this is what you're going to do now, isn't it?

[Setsuko looks around. The place isn't big, but...]

It feels cozy.
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I think I can imagine why...

But, what are you even going to do? You know - for a living.
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Yes, I can totally believe that... and I'm not blaming you for wanting a break. In fact, I think I'm a bit relieved to hear that.

It's better if some things just remain in the realm of harmless hobbies, isn't it?
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Dido squints at the Lagardia and David, imagining Zankuro at her side. She looks them up and down, rubbing her chin in thought.

"You know," she muses out loud. "I'm seeing the makings of a brand-spanking new Sol Team here. SolQuaker, perhaps? Or maybe SolStrider?"
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Re: 2

"If Mizuki's thinks you've got a shot at being admitted to Solaris, then it's practically a done deal," Dido points out.

She coughs. "...did you have any other prospects or positions lined up?"
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[But the person who comes to greet them though isn't quite who they were expecting.]

Ah... I'm really sorry for being late! Some stuff came up; don't worry it's just really minor stuff so Mizuki couldn't make it!

[It's Zankuro, running up all huffing and puffing, only waiting to stop and catch his breath until after the message is relayed!]

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Ah, thank you very much Miss Lagardia!

[He goes to get the tab and snap the can open... goes to try to get snap the can open... okay more like fidgets with it in futility.]

W-wait just a moment still, I can do this!

[And settles on just driving a finger through the top of the can instead.]

Right! Got it!

[Awkward victory smile is go!]
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Yeah, I heard that was the plan too!

But... my parents...

[Zankuro slumps down a bit, worried.]

They're not going to make this easy at all. They want to take pictures of... of everything! And they're asking Mizuki to have uniforms made and everything!

And school pictures were just last months!
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Hm, a quiet, unexciting, mundane life...

I'd give you...four months. What's your bet?
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