[The final bell rings, marking the end of yet another day of high school. Students begin to leave the school grounds, and among them are a group of girls who converse happily until they part ways.

But one of these girls is not like the rest. The ornaments in her hair make that obvious. A long time ago, some people she knew - people she fought alongside with - might have recognized her by it, even in her current attire.

She approaches a classic, black car that awaits her by the roadside. The vehicle has no driver...yet she gets in the back seat.

And inside, a voice greets her.]

So another day ends. I assume it was enjoyable as always, Mistress.


I discover more and more every day, Morte. And still there is much to learn.

...Including what happened to the members of UG and Project Unification. I understand.

But are you certain this is the way you wish to do this? Even though they are not known as the ESUN anymore, we could ask the parties involved in preserving your stasis and get the answers we need.

I am.

This is the world that they have left for us... I will take my time to savor it, the way I believe they would have wished me to.

[As Fyra says this, she places a hand against her chest - where the Causality Reactor resides. It has completely settled in with its host by now, and emits a faint glow.]

Very well.

We should return to the manor, for now. There has been some development related to-

[Morte is cut off by the sound of an explosion. Billowing smoke begins to rise in the distance, from an area of the city they are in.]

...It seems that the development has come to us, instead.

Let us go, Morte.

As you command.

[The car's engines rev up, and it begins to move- in the direction of the explosion.

However, as it gains distance from the school, it morphs - taking the shape of a phantom motorcycle, whose wheels are covered in pale green energy. Astride this iron Steed, its Rider: a silver haired girl in a dark, gothic battle dress, whose face is obscured by a black, featureless mask.]

The world is never truly peaceful.

But, my friends...wherever you may be, know that I will continue to protect the innocents that reside here.

[She brandishes her scythe once again, into the fray.]

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