1. [The following days after The Lady's defeat and the encounter with Loni are quiet for Seta - days are spent traveling around Sakihama and what was left of Alhambra Base. As the Kijin Empress, she knows she has a duty to return to in her home world, and that it might be some time before she can see her friends here again.

That being said, the feeling behind her smile as she stands by the hangar's exit is bittersweet. There is a soft rumbling of a fancy car's engine in the background - the vehicle ready to take her back to the Gate at the Gloster headquarters.]

...In the end, I really could not have done anything without all of you. Even matters of my world were solved with your help.

When I first arrived here... what is, for me, many years ago - I was unsure...afraid. I did not know much of anything of this world. But not anymore.

I will not return for some time, but do not worry... Astara and I have agreed to keep in touch through the Gate. She will resume her duties of managing Kijin affairs on Earth, as well as receiving any news from you.

I am...

[She pauses, to wipe something from her eye. It doesn't help much, but she keeps smiling regardless.]

...I am really... truly glad to have met you.


2. [Many months later, after Project Unification's dissolution, a particular horned Kijin visits Sakihama City. She heads to a seaside area, where there is also a park, and a brand new outlet of a popular fast food chain.

However, this particular store is filled to the brim with beach-goers, and as such, even someone who stands out of the crowd as much as Lenore cannot find a seat after receiving her meal from the counter. She finally decides to sit down anyway - on the edge of a raised wooden patio outside the store. Her tray is set down beside her.]

Now that everything is over, I suppose this is going to be the norm...

[She unwraps her burger, but doesn't bite into it just yet. The fries, those go first.

While she does this, she looks ahead. This place holds a special meaning as well: the place where she first ran into the Unity Group and Astara. The site has since been rebuilt, though some buildings remain under construction.]

...I wonder how they're all doing right now.
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