1. [The following days after The Lady's defeat and the encounter with Loni are quiet for Seta - days are spent traveling around Sakihama and what was left of Alhambra Base. As the Kijin Empress, she knows she has a duty to return to in her home world, and that it might be some time before she can see her friends here again.

That being said, the feeling behind her smile as she stands by the hangar's exit is bittersweet. There is a soft rumbling of a fancy car's engine in the background - the vehicle ready to take her back to the Gate at the Gloster headquarters.]

...In the end, I really could not have done anything without all of you. Even matters of my world were solved with your help.

When I first arrived here... what is, for me, many years ago - I was unsure...afraid. I did not know much of anything of this world. But not anymore.

I will not return for some time, but do not worry... Astara and I have agreed to keep in touch through the Gate. She will resume her duties of managing Kijin affairs on Earth, as well as receiving any news from you.

I am...

[She pauses, to wipe something from her eye. It doesn't help much, but she keeps smiling regardless.]

...I am really... truly glad to have met you.


2. [Many months later, after Project Unification's dissolution, a particular horned Kijin visits Sakihama City. She heads to a seaside area, where there is also a park, and a brand new outlet of a popular fast food chain.

However, this particular store is filled to the brim with beach-goers, and as such, even someone who stands out of the crowd as much as Lenore cannot find a seat after receiving her meal from the counter. She finally decides to sit down anyway - on the edge of a raised wooden patio outside the store. Her tray is set down beside her.]

Now that everything is over, I suppose this is going to be the norm...

[She unwraps her burger, but doesn't bite into it just yet. The fries, those go first.

While she does this, she looks ahead. This place holds a special meaning as well: the place where she first ran into the Unity Group and Astara. The site has since been rebuilt, though some buildings remain under construction.]

...I wonder how they're all doing right now.
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[Seta's answer is a double hug from both Interitus and Volya.]

I.... We're both really glad to have met you too Seta...

[Its clear that Volya's trying to hold back tears... Interitus not so much as she's now openly bawling.]

I know you'll probably be busy but... come visit when you can...?
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So did you... so did everyone.

Everything's going to be so different. But... better too right?
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I'm sure they're all doing fine, compared those crazy few years these last few months have been a cakewalk.

[One of Lenore's "mothers" sits next to her, having failed to obtain a table despite her minutes of standing around scouting for one. Unlike Lenore however, the amount of food on her tray is staggering and she does not hesitate to start working on it.]

Hmmm...she's late. You don't think...
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Re: 2

That she got lost? ...Maybe.

[She stares at the amount of food Astara has, before hesitating to take her next bite.]

Still...I don't know. Even when I tried to take a break from fighting, it didn't work out like I thought it would.

And now...
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There will always be a reason to fight, whether we like it or not.

We just...need to remember what we're fighting for. For me...it's moments like this where I'm able to spend time with people I care about.

[As she starts on her second burger she takes out a smart phone and begins to check her messages.

Circe, Circe, Circe, Circe.]

Ah...nothing from her. I gave her a new phone when she left...she probably forgot it at home.
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It just makes me wonder if there's really anything else I can do. Like what Kei was trying to tell me.

...You should probably not ignore the rest of those messages too, though.
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It'll be fine, I'm sure Circe will be able to handle whatever it is she wants me to do.

...and in the end only you can decide that, right? Even if you can't find an answer now you have plenty of time and the everywhere to go. Getting caught up feeling sorry for yourself in the present is something your grandpa always wanted to avoid.

[Astara's devouring of her meal continues as she sends a text message to both Circe and their late guest.]
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I did try becoming a bodyguard, but it didn't work out so well...

[But then, she pauses.]

And, are you sure you should be casually calling him that considering the circumstances...?

I mean, I'm not exactly your...you know...
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You're still family Lenore, or at least the closest thing to it that both me and her have now.

Besides you met him, I bet he'd be happy to have a granddaughter no matter the circumstances.

[There'a a reassuring grin on Astara's face as she says this.]

...wouldn't you agree?

[The question seems to be directed towards someone past Lenore.]

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I did not speak with him for very long...but, yes.

[Lenore is surprised at first, but immediately lets out a defeated sigh. She doesn't even turn around, because she knows who it is.]


You two are taking this way too easily...

Perhaps...but this is not the time, nor the place for such things...

I apologize for being late...I forgot to take my phone with me...
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Taking things too easily is my life motto Lenore, if we put too much thought into it we'd be Circe.

[Astara gives a quick wave to Seta as at this point the lost phone was completely unsurprising to her as well.]

Aaaand it's fine...I'm more surprised that you actually made it here at all.
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[Sun, sand, and sentimentality. Truth be told Roy had a big workload himself for various reasons. But still, when he wanted to unwind, nothing beat the beach. The fresh air, the sense of liveliness, the feeling of the sea almost rising up to meet him as he stood at the edge of the pier.]

Alright everyone! Time for you to see how it's done, Garnette style!


[Frankly he could've gone anywhere. But hey, he had memories of life on the streets. And these were the streets he had genuine memories of... the streets where he had his first genuine memories. Of meeting the Unity Group. Of fighting. Of Lenore. Oh hey, Lenore was right there!]



[And unfortunately Roy should've been paying more attention to his positioning than the presence of a certain horned kijin as he fell. A turn of his head was all that was needed... to have it smash into one of the wooden posts.]
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Watch out for that-!

[Too late, and Lenore has to abandon her food to rush over to where the roybot is.]

...Are you okay?
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[Lenore's not the only one. Other people are gathering at the edge of the pier, and -oh dear that post got split in half from the force but-]

-'m okay!

[A hand rises up from the water, caked in sand and a starfish harmlessly nibbling on a finger. And a moment afterward the rest of Roy rises up to. More than a few people seem disappointed at the rather mundane resolution to what could've been an exciting little misshap, and the crowd begins dispersing almost as quickly as it began forming. Makes it all the easier to find Lenore again though!}

Awright, it was you! I'd recognize those horns anywhere!
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I'm not sure how to react to that, but...

What are you doing here? Do you have a new employer around?
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Well, sorta.

Been juggling around plenty of jobs here. Includin' actual bouncing for once. Turns out it's not that different from what Boss Man gave me the memories of.

And all that cash goes to help maintaining the real me and doing my own investigations. Tackling loose threads, if you get my meaning.
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It sounds like you've been having better luck than me...

Loose threads...do you mean VIPER? Or...
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Well yeah, there's that. But also... Beatrice.

[A scowl crosses Roy's face as a crab crawls up from the back of his head.]

A while back a group broke her out during one of her court hearings. ESUN's been wanting it kept on the super-duper down-low because of what she almost pulled off before... but with Dakova out of the way and her own reaction to 'em, I don't figure this is some fallback move of hers.

Piecin' stuff together's taking time, and the runnin' theory right now's that it was done by some splinter group of the SCCF. Weirdos beyond weirdos, from the stories we've heard, trying to find some way to attain immortality.

Guessin' they think Miss "Born in a Cell But Not That Kind of Cell, I mean the Prison kind" might be a clue to that.

... There's a crab on my head, isn't there.
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...Yes. He looks quite comfortable there.

[She tries to look as serious as possible, but it's not really working.]

But, if this is happening, shouldn't the ESUN be more...serious? They can send more people to look for her and this group, right?
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[The crab reaches down, honking Roy's nose adorably. He just tries to ignore it.]

Well yeah, I'm not the only dude they've got on the case. I wouldn't be takin' the chance to chill here if I was.

But right now it's like a game of... like a mix of tag and Marco Polo. This group had to show off it existed to nab Beatrice, and with how quiet stuff 's now... there's a whole lotta eyes to be spared if they get caught making a move. And the guys in charge of stoppin' them want to keep everything down-low to make sure they don't get the drop on us again. And these bozos are playin' it really quiet too because they don't want to get caught before they pull off whatever they're really plannin'.

'Least they're probably butthurt about VIPER's crap though, so we don't gotta worry about any surprise team-ups.
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Well...for all that...

[How should she say this...]

Do you need company? I mean, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do now, so...
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What are you talking about? Even if we helped a little, you were a Kijin ruler for thousands of years all by yourself. That's awesome, Seta!


You know. I'm going to miss you. I know you had to wait so much longer than me, but...

I'll look forward to when we can meet again, alright?
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[Izuru needs a moment to gather his bearings, too busy smiling widely to say anything.]

Whe you return, I'll make sure to make Earth a great place! One that you'll be super proud to see. Believe it!