I believe this to be all. Well...

[In the days after the Lady's defeat, Project Unification is slowly being dissolved. Sielje may not be a member, but now she is leaving. AHer belongings are already gathered and packed up, a small load for the Arm. All that is left is to await a portal opening...]

The Earth is safe, I have fulfilled my vow. It is time. Time for me to return... home.

I am honored. Where would I be without you - my allies, my dearest friends? Know this, this is not our last farewell. I have my duty as the envoy to Earth, and even though for now I depart to Ankaia, I will be back. Back when the duty calls me. And even when it does not...

I will make sure to keep our bonds alive. That is a promise.

[The knight's eyes are wet as she speaks the words, but this time, finally, her back is straight with pride, her expression happy.]

[2 - for Gwen]
[But before she can depart for real, there is an important person to speak to.]

Gwen? The Lady is of the past now, I had time to think without worries. And I made my choice.

Back then, when I spoke to Jen... when I spoke to you, we decided that we should try - to date. But, but it is not going to work. I did not give you attention it requires. All that time, we did not even...

[Sielje coughs, getting red on her face. It's not the time to get distracted.]

No, that is not important. You and I, our lives are too different. We are too different. I am sorry saying that. It must hurt to hear, I know it hurts me to say it. But...

But you deserve the truth, and this is how I truly feel. We are close friends, but you would not be happy at my side.


Please do not be angry. There are so many things in this world worth living for. I am sure you know that far better than I do.
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...Don't just unilaterally decide my feelings...

[Gwen has listened patiently, saying nothing. As Sielje kept talking, she leaned on the wall for support, she looked to the side, her hand covered her mouth-all little measures to try to avoid dealing with what's in front of her.]

...Acting like you don't deserve good things, that's your most annoying trait...
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...I know, I know, I just...

[Gwen sighs, facing Sielje again.]

All the other times I've dated someone, it's been this whirlwind of passion-a few intense days of intimacy whenever we meet, and then weeks or months apart...until it crumbles.

And you're not...you're not someone who would do that. With you, I thought...I thought I could taste a quiet life. I thought, if you appreciated me the same way as Jen...that would mean I hadn't changed too much, that I didn't become some monster.

...You're right, though. About us not doing...couple things. And it does frustrate me. So if that's your decision...that's it, then.
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[small]...I'd wish you'd stop saying things like that.[/small]

[For once, Gwen looks Sielje dead in the eyes.]

Not the things...about us. That hurts, but...it's not like I can make you love me.

But when you say that I'm my own person, or that you don't know me well...that means that all my memories, my habits, my affectations-they don't count for anything. That I'm just some...doll, that started moving around-no family, no friends, no history...

-I'm sorry, I shouldn't be putting this on you. Just...I'm not a stranger, okay? Please don't call me one...
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...Thank you. I'll hold you to that, I think.

[For once, Gwen seems a little bit less sad, a half-hearted smile on her face. She steps closer, giving Sielje a tenative, gentle hug-but not for long.]

You stay well, okay? I'll be sure to visit...not for a while, but I will.
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We both have our duties to our home Sielje.

[There was a soft chuckle from Optimus as he bows lightly to the knight.]

I am honored to have met and fought alongside you. I hope that peace will suit us both well in the days to come.
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And I hope one day that the people of Ankaia would have a chance to see Cybertron.

We both will have something to look forward to in the days to come.
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Countless... Kup has seen many in his long lifetime, but even then there are still things that surprise him.

It would be impossible for any being to see it all for themselves. But that in itself... it makes the universe a mysterious and wondrous place.
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Take care. Don't let anyone push you around, you hear?
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You still remember that, huh...

...I wanted to gauge your strength. As a knight. But I did a crucial mistake. Your biggest strength can't be measured that easily.
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That training helped me beat Greta. Without it, I'd be dead. I'm not gonna forget.

Who knows. Maybe next time we meet, I'll be a better swordsman than you?
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Don't forget. You're talking to an enlightened man. I can do many things at once. Like Buddha.

[Daniel raises a thumb up.]
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Not sure about stronger. Can't exactly exercise my muscles in this shell.

...I may get rid of it one day. Like April did. Or maybe not. We'll see.