[And so Keisar Ephes and the Lady were vanquished.  The day was saved through and through, and one little Subot has become beside himself with everything he saw and experienced ]

This just doesn't make any sense though!  That spirit thread that I manifested... everything out there raises so many questions about metaphysics and spirituality!  Restarting your heart and you having seen things is at least not without precedent but... oh I think I'm going to be worrying about this for a really, really long time!

Or~ alternatively, you could just disregard all of that and bask in the knowledge that you're always going to be my Prince Charming.

I really do mean that too.  Not everyone gets a wonderful copilot with the brains and determination to bring a fair maiden back from the dead.  And it's only fitting-


-That you get a little reward.

-S-Selena?  Did you seriously just-?!?

Yes I did.  And you're welcome.


[A good time later though after all the coy trolling's run its course.  And the duo's left still thinking... about what they did.  What they saw.]

... To see all of them again, even if just for a moment...

It's nice to know that in the next world they're still all together.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll luck out too.  But I don't intend on dying again just so soon.

What about in the meantime though?  With the Lady defeated, it might be weeks, if not days, before we get some low-profile reassignment.  I'll be with you for anything but.... I'm just wondering if you had any other plans.

Well it's funny you mention that.  From where I'm standing, the sky's really the limit for once.  Just off the top of my head, Saphine always did have a nice taste in fashion so there's always La Gias-

-I'm NOT spending any more time with that dumb bird than I have to!

Ooooor there's seeing if Armana would like having her old bodyguard back  Or tracking down Lt. Colonel Latrova.  Or possibly even just retiring?  The day's won, and it was hard fought and hard earned.  And I wouldn't mind waking up to you doing breakfast every morning in a cozy little cottage.  You certainly do know how to spoil a lady, and I don't think I'm ready to go without you just yet.

Sounds like... we really have our whole lives ahead of us, doesn't it?  We survived... everything.  And now we don't have to just get by doing that anymore.  We can... live.

Sounds about right, Elma.

Sounds... about right.

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Don't worry Elma, I can give you plenty of pointers.
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It's really over. I can hardly believe it... but it is.

But, well. I couldn't have said it better myself. The big crisis ends - but the rest of our lives only really begins, now.

I just wonder what's everyone going to do next.
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Glory Stars still have a mission, and despite everything that happened, that one isn't finished yet.

And, there's one more thing...

[Setsuko's voice trails off, contemplatively.]
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[Setsuko nods.]

For me, there's still a lot of the unknown you mentioned. Both Edel and Asakim knew about Spheres, but they're not the ones who created them. Someone else did.

And we still don't know who, and we can't ask them either. The only person who may have a clue...

I think the first step of the new journey is already set for me.
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It's okay, we just have to stop at Saisei-hen

I won't forget, for sure.

[She knows it's unrealistic to expect that no further tragedies will happen anywhere in the world, but...]

Thank you, Selena. Thank you for everything.

[Right now, Setsuko feels like somehow, everything is going to be alright. The future looks bright and optimistic.]