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During the final battle on the Lost Seekers compound, Medb took a fuck-off huge laser beam to the everywhere. Daniel had put up a net to help shield it...but it was still partially melted. Temperatures inside the cockpit soared...and so, when Medb's cockpit was opened, it unveiled a scene of horror.

Much of Gwen's synthetic flesh had melted and burned, exposing metal and circuitry underneath. Fully half her face was gone, taking an eye with it. When she pulled herself out of the pilot's seat, skin tore and was left behind. Muttering a series of electronic squawks and beeps under her breath, she took three steps away from Medb before collapsing.

But, this is Gwen. She does not die easy.

As much of her body and mind was melted or destroyed, more of it was left intact. So it's a simple job for Doomstar to put her back together, to replace the broken parts, to slot in a new set of computer parts...All told, it's just under three hours until she's leaning against a wall outside the infirmary, looking over the details of a hand in introspection.
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[Sielje was waiting for the patch up job to be done. You could say she tried not to appear concerned... but that would be a lie.]

You really do not die so easily.
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You suffered horrible wounds, burns. A normal person would not be able to recover.
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You did. You did make me worry...

[Sielje looks down, on her hand - which squeezes Gwen's tightly.]

It is very important not to act recklessly. I know you can take more than I, but how much more? I do not want to lose you.

[For some reason she doesn't address the recent development, though Sielje's face is very much flushed.]
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I-I am honored. I...

[Sielje's gaze wanders to the side. When she speaks up again, she sounds hesitant.]

I cannot. Not now.

We know each other not for long. And... there is a great threat looming above us. I am... afraid.

I am afraid of what will become of Earth, of us. I cannot vow anything important like this. I already swore hastily in the past, and then regretted it...

My apologies.
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I am sorry...

[Sielje steps back, her head low. She feels bad and despirited, even though it's because of something she herself said. Or rather, it's because of it.]
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Dido, still pale and sweating from the cockpit extraction, walks up to the infirmary, catching sight of Gwen, then sags in relief.

"Never thought I'd say this...but Doomstar does good work," she whispered. "Are you alright, Gwen? Well, as alright as you can be?"
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"In what way?" Dido asks. "Is it the existential issue of being restored from memory backups?"
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"Everyone's brains are a pile of matter. Biology is just an evolved machine," Dido says. "Well, except for Ki and other intrinsic mystical energies...but that's another issue."

Dido looks at Gwen curious. "What was it that you realized?"
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[Peola's carefully approaching the fork. Interestingly Salwah was present too, albeit hiding behind the princess. The bluenette wasn't amused by it though and pulled the scarred young woman beside her and made her stay there.]

I heard about what happened. Is... is there something wrong?

[She tread carefully here... there was no cheat sheet here to tell what sort of emotions were floating about Gwen. In a way Peola was flying a little blind.]

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"Sorry.. just... I'm still getting used to... to the whole not feeling you thing."

[Peola gives her companion a glance and shakes her head. Regardless... Peola squares her shoulders, takes a deep breath... and walks over to give Gwen a hug.]

You will be fine... because you're going to learn from this and not let it happen again... right?

[There was a surprising amount of concern there... but considering that Gwen was pretty much what remained of a friend...]
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Good! Because if things come down to it I'm going to need to make sure you're at top form and we'll train together!

[Peola releases Gwen from the hug with a grin, one that changed into something more appropriate for her sister's mischief as she turned to look at Salwah.]

All three of us. That'd count as hanging out right?

"Gak-! That's... I... uh... Of course! S... sure!"

[Its official, karma has visited and laughed its ass off as it slapped the post it note with her punishment onto her face.]