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[As it turned out, Daniel's friends were real all along - or rather, based on Tam Defoe's old friends, acclaimed scientists Marjory Marita and Rupert Nestore, who came to UG's help during the final fight with Lost Seekers. And now, all three of them are sitting on a heavy duty (to sustain Daniel's size) couch, eating from a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. Though it's currently on pause, which means they focus on talking instead.]

I say, it's been quite a while since we had a movie night like this. Even though we did it all the time in university! Ahh, how time flies. Nostalgia truly is a force to reckon with!

Tam's - or Daniel's - tastes didn't change at all, though. Still a complete western nut.

Well. This genre just speaks to me. For some reason.

Now, there's no need to roast him too hard over it. This movie, for example, is quite well-done, and emotionally effective. Take that scene where Leo dies, for example - what a turn of events! And wasn't it made at a time when everyone still thought he is but a pretty face and can't really act?

Fair enough.

By the way, Daniel; I can't help but wonder about those things Godefroy saw before he died. Did he really saw the truth about God, whatever that is? Or just delusions caused by his damaged mind?

...I don't know. I guess we don't have any proof, one way or the other. But what I believe is that he saw the truth. Even if he was too mad to be lucid about it at that point.

It's always belief with you, isn't it? You don't change, old friend.

[Suddenly the door opens as someone enters - someone who used to have a cyborg body like Daniel, but, thanks to Jen's help before she died, now is more or less human again.]

Hey, back from the loo. What'd I miss?

Nothing. We paused the movie for you, April.

Y-yeah, of course. It was just a joke. I know how remotes work!

How reassuring. Centuries-old technology amazes various minds even today! Ho ho ho!

Hey, I mean it!
[Among the banter, Daniel starts the movie back again. He looks happy.]
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