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([personal profile] lostamigo posting in [community profile] srwu Aug. 9th, 2016 04:41 am)
[Just as the Lost Seeker global threat suddenly emerged, it was also suddenly defeated. Daniel watches a map on a touchpad, that shows the position of the Light Centurion thanks to the transmitter he fired at her unit - and, eventually, should show the mark of the Seekers' secret base.]

...He's probably there. Jason Godefroy. The last of the Three Wise Men. Unless you count me.

[He glances at Steel Wanderer. The mech looks completely normal now, despite its unusual performance during the battle.]

...Apostle Mode. When it was active, I felt... different. Like I'm more in touch with everything. The world, the Gun of God, myself. But when it stopped, the sensation stopped too.

...It was quite something.
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