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I think that's enough for now, you two.

[Project Unification wasn't the only one to fight the Lost Seekers, obviously. Setsuko met some (alternate universe versions of) old friends during the fight at Sakihama - the Glory Stars are reunited again! And now, they return from mobile suit training, just like old times. But unlike old times, it's not Denzel who is the non-sweaty one...]

"Ahh... can't catch my breath... when's the last time I saw someone move so fast..."

I can't hear you, Lieutenant. Are you asking for another round? Speak louder.

"Sir, no sir!"

"She seems so nice and kind, but talk about a demon woman in a fight. Lt Ohara, where did you learn this kind of tricks?"

Well... you taught me. I mean, the other you. The other Denzel taught me, and so did so many experiences and circumstances, too...


[Somehow, the training she had with Glory Stars put Setsuko in a pensive mood, and now she's pondering things over a sweets-and-drinks celebration.]

The Sphere...

Edel is stopped, Asakim is dead, but the Sphere is still active. I can feel its power even now, feeding on despair.

[That the cake in front of Setsuko tasted mostly like nothing is proof of that. Her taste has yet to return.]

But... we won't just succumb to it, right? I know everyone, I know you won't. Even as the Lady is trying to make this world hers, we'll see this through to the end. We'll come out on the other side, looking forward to a better tomorrow.

And, I will too.
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