[1] [Keep to one thread]

[With the Lady now in the physical world it seems that some things may be deemed necessary... if certain safety measures were put into place. As such one particularly familiar face was waiting at Sakihama with a pair of orderlies, one of which sighed and shook her head while the other looked supremely amused.]

Geez... what's taking her so long... is this what it felt like for everyone else?

[Leos musing was promptly stymied when he saw a few familiar faces and waved with a huge grin on his face.]

Hey guys!

[One of the orderlies salutes crisply, while the other does so at a more anxious pace.]

"Sir. We're just waiting with Mr Klein for the time being. We've got orders only to leave once his Handler gets here."

"We know she's on base... she kinda said she needed to use the bathroom but..."

[The more antsy orderly gave a hesitant shrug.]


[Meanwhile at some distant corner of Sakihama... a light flickers as a figure is hunched close by some machinery. Low rattles and creaks fill the air.]

"Almost.... almost..."

[There's a loud beep and thump followed by rustling - the same kind one would attribute to a pudding cup being opened and being savored.]

"Haaah. Man... Papa was right... Free Infinite Pudding for life is the best kind of pudding!"

[3] [After Prompts 1&2]

[Now that Leos' handler was found maybe some answers could be gained-]


[-or maybe there'd be even more questions because the blue haired girl just launched herself at Leos and nearly knocked him over in the process. Something that gained a cheerful laugh from the former Raven as he simply spun her around before applying a tight hug.]
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