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[With the Lady now in the physical world it seems that some things may be deemed necessary... if certain safety measures were put into place. As such one particularly familiar face was waiting at Sakihama with a pair of orderlies, one of which sighed and shook her head while the other looked supremely amused.]

Geez... what's taking her so long... is this what it felt like for everyone else?

[Leos musing was promptly stymied when he saw a few familiar faces and waved with a huge grin on his face.]

Hey guys!

[One of the orderlies salutes crisply, while the other does so at a more anxious pace.]

"Sir. We're just waiting with Mr Klein for the time being. We've got orders only to leave once his Handler gets here."

"We know she's on base... she kinda said she needed to use the bathroom but..."

[The more antsy orderly gave a hesitant shrug.]


[Meanwhile at some distant corner of Sakihama... a light flickers as a figure is hunched close by some machinery. Low rattles and creaks fill the air.]

"Almost.... almost..."

[There's a loud beep and thump followed by rustling - the same kind one would attribute to a pudding cup being opened and being savored.]

"Haaah. Man... Papa was right... Free Infinite Pudding for life is the best kind of pudding!"

[3] [After Prompts 1&2]

[Now that Leos' handler was found maybe some answers could be gained-]


[-or maybe there'd be even more questions because the blue haired girl just launched herself at Leos and nearly knocked him over in the process. Something that gained a cheerful laugh from the former Raven as he simply spun her around before applying a tight hug.]
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[Happy Leos is...unnerving, somehow.]

...You seem to be doing...well.
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"Very...well..." Dido adds with cautious optimism. "What have you been up to, Leos?"
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Rabbits, huh...

[That doesn't sound familiar at all.]

Wait a second! Are you immortalizing UG's exploits this way?
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That's great! Everyone will know about what happened, and be inspired even from an early age... or something like that!

See? You don't even have to fight to do good things, Leos!
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Yeah. Of course you're not, Leos.

[But the thing he said put Izuru in a pensive mood. Things kids shouldn't have to deal with, huh...]

After what happened, it's cool to see an old friend. Some good news, you know?
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...This isn't really a place for kids, you know.
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Wait really?! My old man told me there were a whole bunch of kids here-

[And then she was doing a rapid verbal backspace.]

I mean-... Uh... I'm just here as an observer for the Earth Sphere United Nations to ensure the good behavior and conduct of Leos Klein during his temporary Reenlistment with Project Unity!

... Also to eat all the pudding. I mean I always knew it tasted good but I never actually got to try it.

[Something about the way this girl holds herself...]
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[Oh, that crazy guy who tried to blow up the earth. That's great.]

...I suppose we do have a lot of kids hanging around here...

[Gwen trails off, staring.]

-Mm. You're a full-body cyborg, aren't you? How old are you supposed to be?
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HAH! Wrong!

[She's immaturely going to stick her tongue out at Gwen.]

Imma miracle of science baby! I blur the lines between fleshy bits and machinery! Advanced AI in a specially made casing! I'm an affront to the natural order!

[Which is not exactly the best reason to arm pump really, but screw it! She's going to go for it!]

If you're asking time I'm less than a few months! Course if its my core programming then I'm older than Earth's dirt!

Dad says he figures my mental age's... like a really smart twelve year old. Which is totally off! I'm fourteen at best!
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-Well, I guess that makes you my junior abomination, then.

[Sticking her tongue out like that earns the tiny ⑨ a poke on her forehead.]

I had my human personality and memories crammed into this robot body a while back. And unlike you, people trust me with adult things.

[Gwen can't help but giggle at the little goofball.]
-Still, keeping track of that Klein psycho sounds like a big job. You've got assistants, right?
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[And she's booped to the forehead.]

Waitwaitwait- So you're like me too?! That's awesome! We could form a club and cover for each other! Like... like if you need something from hard to reach places I could take care of it and if I needed adult stuff I could ask you! Mutual partnership!

[Her excitement dims just a little as she pouts unhappily.]

And he's not a Psycho! He's a recovering psycho! There's a huge world of difference! I mean if he was an irredeemable psycho I...

I wouldn't actually be able to meet you or enjoy this pudding cup. I'd still be a malfunctioning pile of junk with my core trapped on Mars... gathering dust and errors.

[There's a momentary bout of sniffles before she rapidly wipes her eyes and points accusingly at Gwen.]

So I won't deal with people giving him a hard time or having a word against him! That's my job! So there!
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[That outburst earns tiny Lana a light thwap on the head.]

Alright bozo, calm down. It's not like I'm hauling out the straightjackets or anything, I ain't exactly normal either. Just keep him far away from weather dominators and the like, okay?

What's your name, anyways?
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[And the smol AI has been chastised.]

Wait...We have weather dominators?

[No Lana. No. No snow days for days. Wait until AFTER the Lady has been defeated. She puts away that particular train of thought back to the station as the next question comes in.]

Names' Lana Zwei Nielsen! Not really original I know, but I'm attached to the old name.

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[Suspicious person chilling out by some machinery? That's totally not something you should just completely ignore!]

Hey there! Blueberry Cupcake!

What're you doing over there?
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[OH CRAP ITS THE FUZZ! Okay stay cool, you know how to handle this!]

...Friendship Pudding?

[She holds out the other half of the two-pack of pudding cups she finagled out of the vending machine. From her papa's experience this ALWAYS worked!]
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[And Roy looks at it, curiously and suspiciously but still takes it and spoons out a mouthful. But...]

... You first.

[He holds out the spoon for this new girl to test just in case she's got something sneaky planned.]

You first, then we'll talk.
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W.. wait..wh- Sharing it with me like that?! That's so lewd! I'm just a kid darnit! I'm not meant for romance yet! What are you? Some kind of... Cornbread Creeper?!

[She points accusingly at Roy! Seriously man, think about how this would look!]

I mean its different if a parent does it, because I know that at least one of them would make funny airplane noises while he was at it but you aren't one of em!
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[He points right back in shock at the audacity of this person!]

Where do you get off being Little Miss Throwing-Shade-On-People like that?!? There's no way I'm just gonna eat a bunch of stuff that might have poison or laxatives on it!
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I should use a different Icon... but damnit this one suits this conversation the most

Poison?! LAXATIVES?!

[Her voice is filled with righteous anger! How dare this person accuse her of such things!]

Listen here Mister Guilty-before-proven-innocent! Only a complete and utter monster would defile pudding like that! A COMPLETE MONSTER!!!!

And I'm the complete OPPOSITE of a monster! I might be DA STRONGEST but I'm the ADORABLEST TOO! My papa said so!

[Someone needs to tell that particular parent Adorablest is not a word.]

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Then if it's totally fine then just take one bite of it and then it'll be fine, Priscilla, Princess-Priestess of Pudding!

[Seriously, if pudding was so great why WASN'T she just accepting the chance for a little bit more, huh?]

Your dad's pretty right on the adorablest thing-

[Roy, that's not a real wo... oh just forget it.]

- But I've got no clue he is and if he's having you run around in some military base like that I'm not just gonna be shrugging my shoulders and going "oh well!"

I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't use my brain and try to spot weird stuff before it went full-on crazy, and Princess, you're acting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too defensive for me to just write you off just like that!
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Well maybe I'm just acting defensive because there's a guy trying to feed me like something out of a romcom and he's way older looking than me and NOT my Parents! How do I know you're not some kind of Creepy-McCreeper--Creepenstinen King of all Creeps?! You were all defensive when I called you out too!!!

[Lana throws her hands to the air before she points accusingly at Roy, trying to be taller than she actually is.]

Besides! I'm the allowed to run around the Military Base, My papa isn't! For... well... uh... Reasons... lets not get into that...

ANYWAY... what about you huh?! I don't see a uniform or an ID?! How do I know you aren't just sneaking around here to take advantage of people?!
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"Ummm," Dido says, a recently sipped cup of coffee in her hand. "Hello? Are you an enemy spy? Are we supposed to fight now?"
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[This mysterious newcomer looks at you in a bewildered manner Dido.]

I'm not an enemy I swear! I'm a friend to all humans! Unless they're jerks... then I'm an enemy of humanity. BUT ONLY TO THEM!!

Besides! I'm here.... On OFFICIAL business! ESUN business in fact! Super important stuff! I'm here to observe a person and make sure nothing bad happens! I even have an ID here!

[She digs around her pockets fruitlessly before turning around. Dido can see that it was tied to one of her belt straps though and-]


[While the rest of it looked clear that name however would raise many MANY questions.]

Gaaaah! Where's that dumb-
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"Lana... Nielsen?" Dido stammers. "Where have I heard that name before...?"

The equivalent of a lightning bolt flashes in Dido's mindscape. Pudding, the name Lana, the blue hair...!

"Whoah!" Dido shouts, springing back, coffee cup held up in a defensive motion. "Whoah Whoah Whoah!"

She raises a shaking finger. "Are you Leos and Nineball's masochistic love-child?"
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Whoawhoawhoawhoa!!! What kind of conclusion is that?! Are you some kind of pervert?! I'm not a masochist!!

And you're only SORTA correct on the love-child thing! Papa was the one who made my- well... not really made more like shaped but WHATEVER - Papa's the one who helped me be me! Dad's the one who built my body!

[Dad? Who's dad? Who does Leos have a friendship with and has direct access to technology that would allow the construction of an advanced gynoid body that looks so unmistakably human?]

I'm not Nineball's kid! I'm Nineball 2.0! Betterer! Fasterer! Prettier!

[Lana's posing with each word.]

In short... I'M DA STRONGEST!!!
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Dido mind races, trying to figure out who have the expertise to make Lana 2.0. Doomstar? Roy's benefactor? That one sane guy with Raven's Nest?

"So Leos is your Papa?" Dido muses. "Wow...and who's your Papa, exactly?"
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You already answered that question!

[Lana's sticking her tongue out at Dido childishly!]

I should make you do a captcha test after messing that up but then that'd be hypocritical!

Leos is my Papa.

My Dad's Flit.

[...Of course! The AGE Device! It managed to design new augments that'd allow Leos to live outside of a combat intense life! With input from Flit why wouldn't it be able to build her a body?]
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A Mass-Murdering Match made in Heaven....

"...little Flit's your Dad?" Dido repeats dumbly.

The pieces come together. It all makes sense. But nothing makes sense. Nothing can ever make sense again. And now the images in Dido's head won't go away.

"If Leos and Flit made you as a child," Dido says slowly, "then do they...do they...?"

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Dido revises what she was going to say at the last minute. "...do they make boxed lunches for you before sending you to school?"
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Can't two guys build a robot Daughter and have it be platonic?

Yeah they do! Well... technically I don't really need to go to school but Papa and Dad figured if I'm learning what its like to be human I should and-


[Lana's suddenly pointing accusingly at Dido.]

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"I don't know what you're going on about," Dido says, stone-faced.

She rubs her chin as she squints at Lana from all angles.

"Now that's professional engineering right there...gotta envy that AGE. Still, if you can eat boxed lunches, does that mean you have a biological stomach, or a compost reactor?"
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And you're asking for my specs now?! How personal are you trying to get!?!? This is harassment! HARASSMENT!

[Lana now hides behind the vending machine as she points accusingly at Dido.]

Even if I did know the full 100% specifics I wouldn't tell you! A girl's blueprints and technical data are the kind of thing that only her parents or the person she falls in love with should know!

You don't hear me or other robots asking you how your intestines work or what your measurements are!
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Dido rubs her eyes. "It's not like that!" She protested. "It sounds like you're gonna be staying with us for a while, and I wanna make sure you're fed properly!"

She shakes her head ruefully. "Leos and Flit would never forgive me if you broke down due to scurvy...or a pudding overdose!"
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Pudding overdose?! IMPOSSIBLE!!! Dad's engineering is absolute! He wouldn't have designed a stomach that would suffer from such a thing!

[But then of course she never did test the limits of how much pudding she could eat in one sitting. Something that has her let out distinctly worried noises as she hems and haws in thought. Funny how she completely ignored the part about scurvy.]

But... gaaah! I don't know! I mean I have access to my database and everything and I can connect to the net but the details are really out there! Too complicated!

Dad said something about this body's brain only being able to process so much at a time and I need to give em' a while so my runtimes can smooth out! Something like growing up!
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Ah you all grow up so fast, one day you leave and then suddenly you return with a daughter.

Sunrise, sunset. How quickly time flows by...
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[The complete shock pierced Willis' fragile ego with each word that escaped her lips.

The old Uncle keels over in emotional pain after the thorough destruction of any semblance of respect was destroyed.

Of course, he makes an immediate recovery as the girl introduced herself.]


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It's probably too late for me, a first impression lasts forever after all.

[The old man makes a small recovery.]

I'll try though.

Let's see then...that makes you an AI in a human-like body, probably a second chance given to Nineball. Something along those lines right?
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"Hah! Wrong! You-!"

[And then Lana's brain caught up with her mouth as the triumphant finger pointing fell flat on its face.]


You got it right in one Willis... but there's a little more to it too.

[Leos pats the confused robo-daughter with a doting smile.]

Its not just about giving her a second chance to protect humanity... its about letting her have a chance to live as well.

It was a long time for her to have spent keeping an eye on that discovery piece alone... don't you think?
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[The smug nanomachine man has an equally smug smile on his face now. But that quickly changes into a more genuine one as Leos continues his explanation.]

You know her better than I do so I'll trust your judgement. But I do think all of us deserve another chance at life no matter what happened in the past.